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Silver Pines offers addiction treatment and dual diagnosis treatment programs that target a wide variety of needs. We not only offer a detox program followed by residential addiction treatment, but we also offer a family program and a robust alumni program. Just like every person is unique, so is each addiction and the treatment that it takes to get well again. Each of our programs is designed to offer a range of therapies, including holistic, evidence-based, and experiential.
Our programs allow each client to address the root cause of their substance use. At Silver Pines, we take a whole-person approach with a focus on helping each client make connections that will support them in their recovery. Based on each client’s needs, we create individualized addiction treatment plans that are designed to educate, motivate, and ensure sustained recovery. Treatment plans can include:
We also offer a Family Program, a Nutrition Program, and a robust Alumni Program (which is also available to family members).

Alcohol Addiction Treatment

One type of addiction we treat at Silver Pines is alcohol addiction. We not only provide quality alcohol addiction treatment for those struggling, but we also provide the tools needed to prevent relapse. Our treatment programs offer safe, confidential, and comfortable environments without judgement. We help clients learn new skills, stay focused in the present moment, increase interpersonal effectiveness, improve emotional regulation, and live an engaging life in recovery.

Substance Use Disorder Treatment

At Silver Pines, we treat individuals with substance use disorder. A substance use disorder is when someone has a set of symptoms related to the problematic use of drugs, which can disrupt one’s thoughts, behaviors, and overall physical well-being. Substance use disorder is characterized by the excessive and regular use of drugs, despite harmful consequences. Being addicted to a substance has strong physical and psychological controls on a person. We address the whole-person at Silver Pines and provide holistic treatment to help each individual on their path to recovery.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

The Silver Pines treatment team has experience in treating individuals with dual diagnosis, enabling clients to get the specialized treatment they need to start on the path towards recovery from addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders. We help our clients by addressing their substance use disorder first to treat the underlying mental health disorder more successfully. Some of the mental health disorders we treat include anxiety, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, bipolar disorder, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and schizoaffective disorder.
To learn more about our whole-person, holistic treatment for alcohol addiction, substance use disorder, and dual diagnosis, contact our team today.
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