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Group therapy is an important part of addiction treatment at Silver Pines. Through addiction group therapy, individuals can learn to support one another and share their experiences in a safe, structured environment. The goal of addiction group therapy is to help individuals understand and work through the root causes of their addiction. Group therapy for drug addiction and alcohol addiction also helps individuals gain insight into their thoughts and behaviors and learn how to communicate effectively with others. Addiction group therapy is an invaluable tool in helping individuals overcome their addiction and achieve long-term recovery. Along with individual counseling and family therapy, addiction group therapy provides an important foundation for recovery from addiction.

Group Therapy for Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Silver Pines matches individuals with substance abuse groups that suit their individual needs. During these substance abuse groups, we provide each client with therapeutic tools, healthy coping skills, and proper education about recovery.

Our staff leads each addiction group therapy session, arriving with topic ideas for discussion or questions to facilitate discussion, and clients participate throughout the session. Education about the recovery process takes place during this time, and individuals support and encourage each other during group therapy for drug addiction.

Often, receiving support and motivation from peers instead of only family members and therapists can prove to be powerful in motivating clients to improve their circumstances. Additionally, some individuals in each therapy session may be further along in their treatment than others. These clients can offer meaningful feedback and encouragement to those just starting out on their recovery journey.
All of this reinforces belief in the power of treatment and recovery and encourages individuals whose motivation may be waning. Even small, daily stressors can lead to relapse. However, meeting regularly using group therapy for addiction treatment can quell discouragement and facilitate better coping skills when triggers and cravings arise. Additionally, regular group treatment helps to create a sense of routine in the lives of our clients. Additionally, regular group treatment helps to create a sense of routine in the lives of our clients, which is an essential part of long-term recovery. This is an essential part of long-term recovery

Types of Group Therapy

One of the most significant misconceptions about group therapy is that it’s only a single type of therapy. It’s actually an umbrella term that includes several different types of group therapy. At Silver Pines, we use various types of group therapy, including but not limited to cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), family therapy, and yoga therapy.

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) focuses on how cognitions (or thoughts), emotions, and behaviors relate to each other and how changing the way an individual evaluates a situation can change their reactions. CBT helps individuals alter the damaging negative thinking and feelings that some people develop about themselves with the ultimate goal of changing their destructive behaviors.
Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) is a skills-based type of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). Among the primary goals of DBT are helping people regulate their emotions, have more successful interpersonal relationships, and be more mindful of their thoughts, feelings, and environment.

It is not always the case that group therapy involves only fellow peers in treatment. For some therapy sessions, family members are also included. Family therapy is one of the most important aspects of addiction treatment since many problems that lead to addiction originate at home. During family therapy, therapists can observe how family members interact with one another, bringing specific issues to the surface. Family counseling can help families mend their relationships and rebuild communication lines.

Yoga therapy allows our clients to strengthen their emotional and physical health. Furthermore, it is an effective method for developing self-awareness beyond the physical realm. In addition, yoga therapy allows our clients to develop new tools and coping strategies like breathing and meditation exercises that can help calm their anxiety, reduce their depression, and clear their minds. At Silver Pines, our clients can benefit from yoga therapy by allowing them to look beyond their limitations, breathe deeply, and be present.

How Group Therapy Differs From Individual Therapy

Group treatment and individual therapy provide different benefits; however, both are necessary for long-term addiction recovery. At Silver Pines, individual therapy helps patients feel less self-conscious and embarrassed about their own feelings and emotions. Our group therapy sessions facilitate mutual support and encouragement.

We provide group therapy for substance abuse as part of our alcohol addiction, drug addiction, and dual diagnosis treatment programs. To learn more about our group therapy for addiction treatment, contact our team today.

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