Recovering from a substance abuse disorder isn’t something that you can do on your own. However, with substance abuse treatment, it’s possible to overcome even the strongest of addictions. Explore what substance abuse treatment is like, what timeline you can expect, and how to find the right treatment program.

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Elements of Successful Substance Abuse Treatment

A truly successful addiction treatment program like Silver Pines offers comprehensive therapy. This means including both evidence-based treatment and holistic methods.

One particularly important component of substance abuse recovery programs is professional medical assistance. At the most basic level, this is what sets addiction treatment apart from DIY approaches at home. There are a variety of health risks throughout the recovery process. Only with around-the-clock monitoring can a recovery program truly be safe and successful for patients.

Behavioral therapy is another key element of our substance abuse and addiction programs. Methods like cognitive behavioral therapy and dialectical behavioral therapy work to change negative behavior. They can also help patients improve their way of thinking, tackle a history of trauma or make progress with self-confidence. One-on-one talk therapy is crucial to the recovery process.

Group therapy is also a useful method to help people recover from substance abuse disorders or conditions like heroin addiction. In recovery, patients may feel isolated or misunderstood. Group therapy gives those in recovery a place to talk with peers who have similar circumstances. This camaraderie can be inspiring and very helpful on the road to recovery.

Additionally, we use holistic therapies. While not the basis of recovery, they can help patients in countless ways. Adding in nutritional education, exercise classes, gardening opportunities and life skills training is helpful. This creates routine and helps patients feel more productive and confident in daily life.

Timeline of Addiction Treatment

There are numerous factors that can influence the exact timeline of addiction treatment. After all, the process is a deeply personal one. However, there’s a rough outline that can help prepare prospective patients for what to expect.

The start of treatment is when patients admit that they have a problem. Acknowledging substance abuse and addiction is a big, courageous first step. Enlisting the help of others, and understanding the need for support, is critical.

Next, patients need to physically and chemically break ties with their addictive substance of choice. This happens in a process known as detox or withdrawal. On average, this lasts just a single week. Unpleasant side effects often accompany withdrawal, but it’s a short and critical part of the recovery process.

Finally, patients begin rehab. Often residential or inpatient in nature, this is the stage when patients access the tools and resources they need to get sober and maintain that sobriety.

While rehab may appear like the final phase, don’t forget about the need for ongoing treatment. Aftercare is necessary so that patients continue with their goals and avoid the risk of relapse.

Finding the Right Treatment Program

Once you understand what to expect from treatment, it’s time to select the right substance abuse treatment program. At Silver Pines Treatment Center, we offer the following:

Substance abuse treatment is an important part of recovery. With the right care, lasting sobriety is possible. Silver Pines Treatment Center in Pennsylvania can help you achieve your recovery goals. Call 866-345-2147 to start your journey to health and happiness right away.