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Our programs allow each client to address the root cause of their substance use and dual diagnosis, if applicable. At Silver Pines, we take a whole-person and holistic approach with a focus on helping each client make connections that will support them in treatment and in their recovery Based on each client’s needs, we create individualized addiction treatment plans that are designed to educate, motivate, and ensure sustained recovery. Treatment plans can include:

Some other treatment methods we use include:

We also offer nutrition education and support, a Family Program, and a Robust Alumni Program (which is also available to family members). Additionally, we provide the LGBTQ+ community a safe, friendly, and open environment to share their stories and heal from their addictions

Nutrition Education and Support

Unlike other detox programs, at Silver Pines we not only provide a full-service kitchen, but we also offer self-serve/open eating. Our self-serve/open eating lounge is available to our clients 24/7 and is stocked with homemade and easily prepared comfort foods. Our full-service kitchen is led by our Executive Chef who’s also a certified nutritionist. Additionally, each client can receive a nutritional assessment and customized meal plan designed by a licensed dietician as well as nutrition education and skill building.

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Family Program

Our Family Program helps families move from the chaos and negative impact of substance use disorder by guiding them along every step of their journey using education, intervention, authenticity, integrity, and compassion. We teach each family they can be their loved one’s best chance at recovery by advocating for their recovery, supporting their loved one’s treatment plan, fully participating in all family programs, and most importantly taking care of themselves throughout their own recovery program.

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Alumni Program

We’ve found that when people continue the meaningful relationships they develop in services, they have a better chance at long-term recovery. Our dedicated Alumni Coordinator orients every new client upon admission, is an available resource during treatment, and continues support after discharge. At our alcohol treatment center and drug treatment center, we also extend our Alumni Program to family members.

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LGBTQ+ Care at Silver Pines

Silver Pines is nationally recognized by the Human Rights Campaign as a leader in providing services to the LGBTQ+ community. We offer specialized process groups designed to allow the LGBTQ+ community a safe, friendly, and open environment to share their stories.

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whole-person, holistic treatment for alcohol addiction, substance use disorder, and dual diagnosis, contact our team today at 267.719.8689.
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