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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Everyone is different, which means that there’s no universal way to deal with addiction. However, some methods work more often than others. One example is cognitive behavioral therapy also known as CBT. Despite being an effective way to deal with addiction, most people don’t know much about behavior counseling.
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What Is CBT?

This counseling method is a type of psychotherapy or talk therapy. The goal in talk sessions is to modify dysfunctional thoughts, behaviors, and emotions to boost happiness. The counseling sessions are different from psychoanalysis, which focuses mainly on childhood wounds that cause problems in adulthood. Instead, behavior therapies focus on encouraging patients to challenge their own distorted thoughts and change destructive behaviors

Behavior therapies work on the premise that all negative actions are the result of negative thoughts. A negative way of thinking makes people develop bad habits, including addiction. Most behavior therapists don’t believe that external factors such as events or people cause behaviors.

However, there’s a benefit in believing that all bad behaviors are the result of people’s own thoughts and feelings. It means that people have the ability to change their feelings or actions in certain situations regardless of outside influences.

Rapid Results

One reason why people with addiction benefit so much from behavior therapies is because of the rapid results. When experts compare behavior methods to other types of counseling, they note that behavior therapies show the quickest results.

The average number of sessions that people need to benefit from CBT is only 16. By comparison, other therapies such as psychoanalysis can take years. When dealing with issues that are as time sensitive as addiction, it’s important to get help sooner rather than later.

Although results can appear shortly after starting behavior therapies, it’s important to continue the sessions. Only a therapist can make the decision when to end sessions. As a result, behavior therapies are typically open-ended.

Strong Therapist and Client Relations

For CBT to work properly, a strong bond must form between the therapist and client. Building a strong bond helps clients open up and share their thoughts and feelings. However, it’s not the main focus of behavioral counseling.

Therapists have to teach their clients how to think differently. However, they can’t tell clients how to act. They can only teach them self-counseling skills that can help them in the real world.

Get Help for Your Addiction at Silver Pines Treatment Center

At Silver Pines Treatment Center, we focus on more than just providing quality addiction treatment programs. We focus on creating a home-like atmosphere where you feel comfortable.

Our facility in Northeastern, Pennsylvania, is co-ed. However, despite being a co-ed facility, men and women live separate from each other and have minimal contact. We do this so that you can focus on your recovery efforts. Total, our facility has 50 beds available for clients.

We offer a number of treatment options to help you deal with your addiction. Some of these include:

As part of our effort to make your stay more enjoyable, we offer many activities and amenities. Our clients can take part in yoga and other outdoor activities such as gardening. We also have an on-site gym and nutritionist to help you stay healthy and safe. We provide holistic treatments to help heal your mind and spirit as well.

Additionally, Silver Pines Treatment Center offers on-site detox services. It allows us to help you through the entire rehab experience without having to transfer you to an outside source. All that you have to do is focus on your recovery, and we take care of the rest.

Take control of your life, and get the help that you need for addiction at Silver Pines Treatment Center. Addiction is hard to beat, but you don’t have to do it alone. Contact us today at 267.719.8689 for more information.

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