Residential Addiction Treatment

At Silver Pines, our facilities provide whole-person, holistic treatment for alcohol addiction, substance use disorder, and dual diagnosis.
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Residential Addiction Treatment

At Silver Pines, our facilities provide whole-person, holistic treatment for alcohol addiction, substance use disorder, and dual diagnosis.

About Residential Addiction Treatment

Most experts believe that residential drug and alcohol treatment is the most effective way to help people maintain long-term sobriety. Outpatient treatment may be sufficient to treat short-term addiction; however, a residential treatment program is crucial to help people change negative behaviors long-term and prevent relapse. Learn more about Silver Pines’ residential alcohol addiction treatment, dual diagnosis mental health treatment, and drug detox programs.

Why Residential Treatment for Substance Use Disorders?

The best reason to choose residential addiction treatment is that it offers 24/7 care and support. Even though outpatient programs have their benefits, residential care is the best option if you’ve struggled with relapse in the past or lack a strong support network. Moreover, addiction negatively impacts health, meaning that many people in addiction treatment are at risk for medical problems. These issues could go unnoticed and untreated at home. Clients at residential facilities are always under supervision and have access to medical attention as needed. Residential addiction treatment offers the following additional benefits:

Our Residential Treatment for Alcohol Addiction and Substance Use Disorders

Our residential treatment program has three main stages: detox, rehab, and aftercare support. At our residential detox center in Pennsylvania, we offer detox as the first stage of treatment. Stage two, rehab, is necessary for recovery during residential substance abuse treatment. Residential treatment at Silver Pines is ideal for individuals with a long-term history of substance abuse and with co-occurring mental health disorders.
At Silver Pines, we have experience treating various populations, including but not limited to nurses, first responders, other healthcare professionals, young adults, and the United Steelworkers Union. Additionally, Silver Pines is nationally recognized by the Human Rights Campaign as a leader in providing services to the LGBTQIA+ community. We offer specialized process groups designed to allow the LGBTQIA+ community a safe, friendly, and open environment to share their stories.

Residential Substance Abuse Treatment Approaches At Silver Pines

Medically assisted detox alone isn’t enough to support long-term addiction recovery. People who want to remain sober also need a residential recovery program to address the root cause of their substance abuse. There are several forms of therapy that our therapists use to get to the root of each individual’s addiction during treatment.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is used by our therapists with their clients to pinpoint the negative behaviors and thoughts that promote their addiction. They then work to correct these negative aspects. Our residential recovery program also teaches clients how to identify risky situations and prevent relapse.

Contingency Management (CM)

During our residential treatment programs for substance abuse, contingency management (CM) involves therapists providing clients with incentives or rewards for shifting towards more positive behaviors. This conditioning therapy reinforces positive behaviors and helps clients make permanent changes. Additionally, our therapists sometimes put consequences in place to discourage negative behaviors.

Family behavior therapy (FBT)

Family behavior therapy (FBT) is another approach our therapists use that addresses co-occurring problems in parents, children, and other immediate family members. Some of these issues include depression, conduct disorders, family conflict, child mistreatment, and unemployment. During family behavior therapy sessions in residential rehab, our therapists see a client and at least one of their family members.

Our Residential Mental Health Facilities in Pennsylvania

At Silver Pines, our residential rehabilitation treatment programs offer amenities that aid in the recovery process. The goal is to create a sense of community that provides support. Amenities like a movie theater, yoga classes, and meditation allow our clients to relax, regain strength, and achieve inner peace during our residential rehab program.

Residential Addiction Treatment Benefits

Attending Silver Pines’ residential drug rehab in Pennsylvania has several benefits. First, it removes clients from the detrimental influences that trigger their drug and alcohol use. While in residential alcohol treatment and residential drug treatment, they don’t have to worry about family, school, or work responsibilities. With these cares aside, all that they have to do is focus on recovery.
The 24-hour care and structure that clients receive at our residential treatment center provides other benefits. Stopping drug use during active addiction is difficult, so it’s vital for therapists and other staff to provide around-the-clock support to help those who are struggling. The structure that our treatment provides sets the stage for long-term sobriety. Since residential treatment creates a sense of community, clients also receive support from their peers. They see that they aren’t the only ones who are struggling with substance use disorders.

Offering A Comprehensive Treatment Program

Unlike other residential alcohol treatment and residential drug treatment programs, we understand that substance use disorders affect the entire person. We treat each client by integrating therapies that address their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs. At Silver Pines, our comprehensive residential rehabilitation treatment programs combine therapy, supplemental amenities, and a full range of support. We offer several therapy programs, outdoor activities, and gender-specific support. Some of the therapies that we offer include:
If you need help, we’re here from you. Our residential alcohol treatment and residential drug treatment can put you on the path to sustained recovery. Contact us today at 267.719.8689.
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