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You can’t expect lasting recovery from an addiction treatment program that only offers one type of therapy or treatment. Recovery from addiction requires a varied approach. In fact, a mix of proven therapies and treatments, including holistic substance abuse treatment, offers individuals the best chance at achieving a brighter future, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. We provide alternative treatments for addiction to help each client to be healthy in their mind, body, and spirit at Silver Pines using holistic therapy.
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What Is Holistic Therapy?

At Silver Pines, we provide holistic approaches to residential drug and alcohol treatment that support physical wellness, emotional balance, and spiritual connectivity via individualized addiction treatment plans. Addiction is a disease that affects the entire body. When an individual struggles with addiction, they often experience mental, physical, and spiritual pain. Additionally, they may face difficulties at work, at home, and financially. Holistic drug treatment programs give people a chance to recover in each of these areas. Individuals can also build support networks through holistic drug treatment programs. People can learn how to rely on others during holistic treatment for drug addiction. Also, they can meet with staff members and other people in recovery who can become part of their sober network. So, is holistic therapy the same as regular therapy? Holistic recovery approaches differ from traditional therapy, incorporating various components based on spiritual integration, self-discovery, and wellness techniques. At Silver Pines, our holistic therapy provides a path to wellness that includes exercise, nutrition, self-care practices, intellectual self-discovery, healthy interpersonal connections, and spiritual integration based on each client’s needs. We encourage each client seeking freedom from addiction to investigate which combination or nuances of our holistic therapy approaches could support continuous recovery for them. The various types of holistic therapy that we offer include:
  • Aromatherapy
  • Earth-centric spirituality practices
  • Meditation techniques breathwork
  • Mindfulness studies and recovery Dharma
  • Reiki
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Shamanic healing practice
  • Sound therapy
  • Spiritual counseling and intuitive development
  • Therapeutic drumming
  • Wellbriety movement meetings

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Benefits of Holistic Therapy

There are many benefits of incorporating alternative treatments for addiction, like holistic therapy, including increased interest in treatment. We not only see the positive impact of holistic recovery approaches in our day-to-day treatment at Silver Pines, but we also have clients that apply their holistic recovery learnings to their lives after treatment. Allowing each client to reconnect to the innate abilities of their mind, body, and spirit at our holistic recovery center helps restore their health and offers sustained recovery and hope. Holistic recovery approaches help our clients:

  • Improve their physical wellness
  • Balance their emotions
  • Grounds them spiritually
  • Eat nutritious foods
  • Detox from environmental toxins
  • Balance their energy and focus

Additionally, holistic treatment approaches alone don’t provide lasting recovery. We combine holistic substance abuse treatment with group therapy, individual therapy, medication-assisted treatment, nutrition education and support, relapse prevention, and trauma therapy at our holistic recovery center to help ensure lasting recovery.

Finding A Holistic Therapy Center for Addiction Treatment

At Silver Pines, our drug and alcohol addiction treatment and dual diagnosis programs target a wide variety of needs. Our unique programs were designed to offer a range of holistic therapies, evidence-based methods, and experiential treatment to provide the best chance at long-term holistic addiction recovery.

Our detox program is twofold and consists of medication-assisted detox as well as social support. Our detox process includes a full history and physical as well as a psychiatric assessment for each client within 24 hours of admission. Our licensed nursing staff provides monitoring and is available for assessments and treatment 24/7. During each new client’s orientation, which also starts within 24 hours of admission, we focus on building connections and relationships while providing education on our program.

Our whole-person, holistic addiction treatment allows individuals to address the root cause of their substance use disorder and co-occurring mental health disorders, if applicable. At Silver Pines, we take a whole-person approach to residential treatment with a focus on helping each client make connections that will support them in long-term recovery. Based on each client’s needs, we create individualized treatment plans designed to educate, motivate, and ensure sustained recovery.

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