Yoga Therapy During Addiction Treatment

Yoga Therapy During Addiction

What does yoga therapy have to do with addiction treatment programs and recovery? In fact, it’s a highly successful adjunct therapy.
You might not be able to envision yourself partaking in specific exercises right now. However, here’s what you need to know about this treatment option.
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Yoga Therapy Embraces a Whole Person Approach to Recovery

Drug or alcohol abuse doesn’t just affect your body. Specifically, it also damages you spiritually, emotionally, and psychologically. For the longest time, rehab focused only on the body and psyche. Moreover, detox would break the physiological dependence.

Next came the portion of rehab that involved psychotherapy. While this two-pronged approach indeed proved successful in a large number of cases, it missed something. The treatment neglected your emotional and spiritual well-being. However, a move toward a holistic methodology to recovery now remedies this oversight.

Yoga Therapy Works in Addiction Treatment

A study published by the National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences researched the link between yoga therapy and recovery. Experts noticed there was a correlation between people in alcohol rehab participating in yoga and overcoming depression. Scientists engaged the assistance of a trained yoga therapist who led program participants in specific breathing exercises. They found out that yoga leads to a demonstrable decrease in stress-hormone levels.
As a result, participants felt a lessening of depression symptoms. For example, they reported feelings of wellbeing. Researchers were optimistic about this treatment method as it pertains to supporting people in recovery.

Common Misconceptions about Yoga

Some say that yoga is a religious practice. However, it isn’t. Some believe that you have to be physically fit, skinny, and flexible to do it. That’s not true, either.
At the rehab center, therapists adapt yoga poses and breathing techniques for anyone’s fitness level. Even if you’ve never tried it before, you’ll reap the benefits. And, over time, you’ll notice that you get a little more flexible and limber. Many leave rehab facilities with yoga as a new hobby they’ll continue practicing after returning home.

How it Works

Therapeutic yoga is part of an inpatient drug rehab treatment regimen. You work with an expert who guides you through breathing exercises, poses, and meditative imagery. By reducing stress levels, you gain an edge when dealing with triggers and stressors. Doing so is particularly advantageous when there are circumstances you can’t change.
The combination of breathing techniques and movements results in the release of endorphins. Moreover, these are the brain’s feel-good chemicals. Now, you can practice yoga to achieve feelings of wellness.

Yoga Works with Evidence-Based Treatments

Like so many other parts of addiction treatment programs, this one can’t stand alone. It amplifies the results of the different modalities. As such, it works well in combination with treatments such as:
This type of treatment takes place in the home-like setting of Silver Pines Treatment Center. Here, caring therapists customize a program to suit your individual needs. In fact, you can take back control of your life for good. Call 267.209.7313 to schedule an intake interview.
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