SMART Recovery Program

SMART Recovery Program

SMART stands for Self-Management and Recovery Training. The SMART recovery program is a global network of support groups in which individuals can help each other resolve issues that are related to their addiction and recovery. Participants in the SMART program can encourage and empower one another as everyone travels the road of recovery together.

Silver Pines Treatment Center offers the SMART as a part of drug counseling in Mahanoy City PA. Through the SMART program, you can find the support you need to continue your recovery from addiction. We are here to help you battle your addiction to drugs or alcohol.

What is the SMART Recovery Program?

SMART recovery promotes abstinence from drugs or alcohol. It is geared for individuals who need strength and empowerment in support meetings. Through SMART, you can transform your life from one that is destructive to one that is powerful, productive, and more fulfilling.

Through the SMART recovery program in Mahanoy City PA, we utilize evidence-based treatment to help you change your thinking, belief, and behavior. The program helps you cope with life’s challenges and mental/emotional struggles you deal with. We help you with these challenges through both long-term and short-term treatments such as:

All of these areas of treatment can help you as you engage with others to find answers as well as share insights. Rather than focusing on the past, SMART meetings help you to concentrate on the present moment. All members help each other deal with what is in front of them so that they can solve problems in the best way without the need for alcohol or drugs.

Key Areas of SMART

The SMART recovery program centers around four main elements:

1. Motivation

If you are going to get clean and stay clean, then you have to find the motivation and the will to move forward. Through SMART, we can help you identify your reasons for quitting and then help you with your determination to succeed.

2. Managing Your Urges

When your urges happen, what game plan do you have in place to help you overcome them? SMART can help you manage your urges and cravings so that you can maintain a healthy recovery.

3. Managing Your Thoughts and Behaviors

Ending your drug or alcohol addiction in a drug and alcohol rehab center in PA means that you have to analyze and retrain your thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors. It starts from the inside out. SMART can give you that intense focus and help you replace negative thoughts with positive ones.

4. Living a Balanced Life

When life is off balance or lacks stability, you are more likely to fall prey to drugs or alcohol. SMART teaches you how to find balance in your life so that you are more at ease and experience less anxiety.

SMART Meetings

One of the things that you will appreciate about SMART is how straightforward and organized the meetings are. The facilitators at Silver Pines Treatment Center are licensed and trained to follow the program.

Each meeting focuses on how to apply the principles you learned in your life so that you can move forward beyond addiction.

Learn More About the SMART Recovery Program

The SMART recovery program is available at Silver Pines Treatment Center. Drug counseling in Mahanoy City, PA includes the SMART program along with other types of treatment. To find out more, call us today at 267.209.7313. We are here to help you take your first step toward addiction recovery.

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