Paying for Rehab

Payment Options

At Silver Pines, our facilities provide whole-person, holistic treatment for alcohol addiction, substance use disorder, and dual diagnosis.

Payment Options

At Silver Pines, our facilities provide whole-person, holistic treatment for alcohol addiction, substance use disorder, and dual diagnosis.

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A staggering number of people who need addiction treatment postpone this treatment because of financial concerns. Sadly, this could put their health and lives at risk. Although paying for rehab can be worrying, there are several options to ensure you get the treatment you need.

Who does Silver Pines treat?

Adults, 18 and older, of all genders

Does Silver Pines accept insurance?

Yes – in-network and out-of-network benefits

Does Silver Pines accept Medicare or Medicaid?


Private Insurance

The most common ways to pay for addiction treatment are using in-network and out-of-network insurance benefits. While not everyone has insurance, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has allowed more people to qualify for and afford a health insurance policy. There are stipulations with every policy, but those with insurance have a head start when paying for rehab. At Silver Pines, we are in-network with several insurance providers, including:
We also work with most large insurance providers on an out-of-network basis, including Barnabas Health, Highmark, Magellan, Priority Health, and Value Option.
We understand that paying for treatment can be daunting, but there are many options available that can help. Contact us today to learn more at 267.209.7313 or fill out our insurance verification form.
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Financing Options

While insurance options are the best place to start, you may also want to consider financing your treatment. Taking out a loan for rehab may feel overwhelming, but there’s no better investment than your health. Without sobriety, you can’t reliably secure a career or earn a living. Through recovery, you’ll be in a far better financial position in the future.
Silver Pines offers interest-free or low-interest fixed financing resources through M-Lend Financial and Prosper. If you can’t qualify for financing on your own through a traditional bank, you may need to ask a friend or family member to co-sign a loan. This is like a student loan, which requires a cosigner who’s willing to help.

Paying for Treatment Is An Investment In Your Recovery

To save money, some individuals might attempt to recover from their addiction on their own without medical supervision and support. This is dangerous and is also rarely successful. At Silver Pines, we not only offer a detox program followed by residential addiction treatment but also a family program, a nutrition program, and a robust alumni program. Just like every person is unique, so is each addiction and the treatment that it takes to get sober. Each of our programs is designed to offer a range of therapies, including holistic, evidence-based, and experiential, based on each client’s need to ensure the highest chance of recovery.

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At Silver Pines near Hazleton, Pennsylvania, we work with various insurance providers to make paying for treatment easier. Call us today if you’re ready to begin your journey to recovery.
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