If you or someone you love has a problem with alcohol addiction, you probably already know the risk your behavior places on yourself and others. Out of control drinking can quickly escalate and lead to extreme consequences, such as automobile accidents, slips and falls, and more. Fortunately, you can help yourself or your loved one by accepting help from a reputable and top-rated alcohol addiction rehab treatment center. A quality alcohol addiction rehab program can not only help you to get sober, but it can arm you with tools for resisting the temptation to drink after treatment.

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Do I Have a Problem?

Many people who struggle with alcohol abuse do not immediately realize that they have a problem. Many users simply live in denial when it comes to their drinking. Others know they have a problem but choose to continue to drink because they like the immediate effects that alcohol has on their mind and body.


Do you or a loved one have a problem saying no to alcohol? Do you regularly drink more than you should, resulting in extreme hangovers and/or blackouts?

If you suspect that you have an alcohol problem, consider the following questions:

  • Do you participate in binge drinking? (binge drinking is a pattern of drinking that brings one’s blood alcohol concentration (bac) to 0.08 g/dL or above. This is about 5 drinks for men or 4 drinks for women, all consumed within a span of 2 hours).
  • Do you feel the need to hide how much or how often you drink from friends and family?
  • Have friends and family suggested that you seek help for an alcohol problem?
  • Do you experience blackouts of memory loss following a night of heavy drinking?
  • Do you spend excessive amounts of money on booze?

There are other signs of alcohol abuse, many of which carry over to one’s personal and professional relationships. If you can relate to any of the situations described above, you should consider seeking professional alcohol rehab. Why wait until tragedy strikes to seek assistance?

Professional Alcohol Rehab is Key in the Recovery Process

Quitting alcohol abuse can be difficult, particularly after long-time or heavy usage. For most people who drink excessively, withdrawal symptoms begin to occur within just a few hours after their last drink. Even the most determined person may give in to the urge to drink when these symptoms arise, and thus the cycle of abuse begins again.

To truly put an end to excessive drinking, you need the assistance of a quality and capable alcohol rehab facility. At Silver Pines Treatment Center near Hazleton, PA, we offer effective treatment in a safe and confidential environment. Our facility is located on a serene and secluded area of woods in Northeastern Pennsylvania, where guests can come to rest, recover and grow.

We offer the following programs:

Our guests can feel welcome in our home-like facility, where support is available 24/7 in our structured programs. If you let us, we can take the stress and complication out of the recovery process so that you can focus solely on getting better and stronger.

Alcohol Rehab is Available Now

Don’t wait until your alcohol problem has spiraled even further out of control. At Silver Pines Treatment Center in Hazleton, PA, we have the addiction treatment services and tools that you need to beat your alcoholism and learn to build a healthy future. Contact us today at 866-345-2147 to get started on your very own addiction recovery experience.