Music Therapy for Addiction

Music Therapy for Addiction

Most people relate to hearing a certain song that alters their mood. In fact, listening to music has positive effects on relaxation. Music eases anxiety and improves their frame of mind. Therefore, it stands to reason that some centers include music therapy for addiction in treatment recovery plans.
Music therapy treatment provides a safe way to express and deal with emotions during recovery. In general, troubling emotions tied to addiction are hard to process. Holistic treatments like this therapeutic alternative offers a way to work through barriers to recovery.
Music Therapy for Addiction Rehab and Recovery Overall

Why Music Therapy for Addiction Matters

It is important to address the biological aspects of substance abuse. Cleaning out the system through detox is just one part of prolonged addiction treatment. Equally important to recovery is uncovering factors that led to drug or alcohol abuse.

A person may find it difficult to engage with traditional forms of therapy to discuss those factors. Music fills that void by providing a gateway to exploring underlying issues. It bypasses the conscious mind and accesses feelings a person may not even realize they have.

This powerful art form takes the person on an emotional journey. It decreases anxiety, depression, and stress often associated with addiction. Research continues on how and why these nuances seem to work. In the meantime, many facilities successfully use music therapy with evidence-based treatments.

How Music Therapy for Addiction Works

Several tools work together in the human brain to communicate feelings and thoughts throughout the body. However, drug or alcohol abuse interferes with the ability of these tools to function properly. A normal functioning brain sucks up an overflow of dopamine – the “feel good” hormone.
The brain controlled by addiction does not regulate excessive amounts of dopamine. Therefore, a person experiences heightened euphoria when they use or drink. Too much dopamine creates an atmosphere where natural production stops. Overall, the person no longer thinks or feels properly.
Music therapy steps in to assuage the effects of drug or alcohol addiction. Specifically, listening to a song, playing instruments, or writing lyrics stimulate certain brain activities. A brain that produces enough of the right neurotransmitter can monitor how much dopamine gets released.
This prevents overstimulation and keeps the person from seeking artificial boosts from drugs or alcohol.

Benefits of Holistic Therapy

Including music therapy in a comprehensive addiction treatment program offers many benefits. Using this alternative helps a person in many ways such as:
  • Encouraging optimism that continues after therapy ends
  • Curing restlessness and boredom
  • Promoting better sleep
  • Encouraging self-expression and self-awareness
  • Helping to foster communicating about traumatic issues
A person may continue using this therapeutic art long-term. Its healing qualities provide emotional, social and cognitive support for many addiction-related issues.

Music Therapy Helps with Addiction Related Disorders

The person suffering from substance abuse may also have another disorder. Music becomes part of a holistic therapy program with dual diagnosis treatment. These co-occurring conditions may be the result of, or responsible for, an addiction.
Musical activities during treatment may help depression, anxiety, mental illness, and behavioral problems. Treating the condition and addiction simultaneously is best for optimal results. Doing so goes a long way toward relapse prevention.

Begin Turning Your Life Around

Silver Pines Treatment Center offers music therapy for addiction along with other holistic and traditional services. We help men and women reconnect with their best selves after battling drug or alcohol addiction. Therefore, let us help you achieve lifelong sobriety.
For example, our holistic services for the mind and spirit include:
Your life does not have to end with addiction. Specifically, learn more about how our programs and services can give you a new beginning. Call 267.719.8689 and regain control of your life in our home-like atmosphere.
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