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Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center

At Silver Pines in Pennsylvania, we offer a detox program and residential addiction treatment with individualized, holistic, and restorative support throughout each level of care.

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We offer several payment options and are in-network with Aeta, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, Geisinger, Humana, and more.

Why Silver Pines?

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“Silver pines will always hold a place in my heart. The staff is awesome, the therapists are super professional, and the facility itself is super cozy. Highly recommended to anyone who truly wants to start living life, one day at a time.”
– Grateful Alumnus

We Understand Addiction

Silver Pines is a small, intimate detox and residential treatment center nestled just south of the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania. At our drug and alcohol treatment center, we understand that substance use disorder affects the entire person, so we treat each client by integrating therapies that address their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs. Treating each person individually and holistically makes Silver Pines one of the best addiction rehab centers in the U.S. Additionally, our treatment programs prioritize relationships and connection without judgement to help our clients recover what matters most to them.
Sam felt hopeless when it came to her addiction to alcohol until being admitted to Silver Pines for treatment. Listen to her story, in her and her mom’s own words, about how our alcohol treatment center helped her to become the person she always wanted to be.

Our Drug and Alcohol Recovery Centers

At our drug recovery center and alcohol recovery center, we understand that everyone has unique needs. For that reason, our drug and alcohol treatment includes individualized support throughout each level of care: detox services and residential addiction treatment.

Alcohol Addiction

Alcoholism affects millions each year. Our multi-faceted approach to alcohol addiction treatment at our alcohol treatment center can help you lead a life of sobriety.

Opiate Addiction

Painkiller addiction can take over your life. Through holistic and evidence-based therapy that we offer at our drug and alcohol treatment center, you can live the life you deserve again.

Heroin Addiction

Heroin is one of the deadliest drugs worldwide. Through compassionate treatment, Silver Pines’ addiction rehab center will help you take your life back.

The Luxury Rehabs Difference

We deliver comprehensive addiction treatment at our drug and alcohol treatment center using therapy, education, nutrition, exercise, and meditation. Substance use disorders affect each person physically, mentally, and spiritually, and we treat each individual accordingly at our drug recovery center and alcohol recovery center. Ethical practices and evidence-based treatments at our addiction rehab center allow each individual to focus totally on overcoming their addictions.
Our alcohol treatment center and drug treatment center is nationally recognized by the Human Rights Campaign as a leader in providing services to the LGBTQ+ community. We offer specialized process groups designed to allow the LGBTQ+ community a safe, friendly, and open environment to share their stories.
“Silver pines changed my life and provided me with the love I needed when no one else would. I am eternally grateful for what this facility has done for me.”

One of the Best Addiction Rehab Centers in the U.S.

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Medical Detox

During detox, our experienced medical professionals at our drug and alcohol treatment center provide comfort and security to usher you through withdrawal and into recovery. With 24-hour nursing care at our detox facility, our medical staff makes the detox process as comfortable as possible for each client. Our detox process involves three phases: (1) evaluation; (2) stabilization; and (3) setting the foundation for the next treatment phases.
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Residential Program

Residential treatment at our drug treatment center provides total support, accountability, and structure during early recovery, so you can focus totally on treatment. In residential treatment at our drug recovery center and alcohol recovery center, clients receive around-the-clock care that includes the following:
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Nutritional Program

Unlike other detox programs, at our drug treatment center we not only provide a full-service kitchen, but we also offer self-serve/open eating. Our self-serve/open eating lounge is available to our clients 24/7 and is stocked with homemade and easily prepared comfort foods. Our full-service kitchen at our luxury treatment center is led by our Executive Chef who’s also a certified nutritionist.
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Family Support Program

Our Family Support Program guides families along every step of their journey by providing education and intervention with authenticity and integrity. Not only does the program at our luxury treatment center help families who have a loved one in treatment, but it also helps prepare them for life after treatment. We offer family therapy sessions, in-person family education, and process groups as well as virtual support groups for the loved ones of clients at our drug and alcohol treatment center.
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Alumni Program

Staying connected after treatment can be an important support for many clients. We’ve found that when people continue the meaningful relationships they develop in services, they have a better chance at long-term recovery. Our dedicated Alumni Coordinator orients every new client upon admission, is an available resource during treatment, and continues support after discharge. At our alcohol treatment center and drug treatment center, we also extend our Alumni Program to family members.
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