Psychodynamic Therapy Program

Psychodynamic Therapy Program

The Psychodynamic therapy program at Silver Pines Treatment Center is a holistic treatment program that helps you explore your innermost needs, urges, and desires. We can help you find destructive patterns in your emotions, thoughts, and beliefs so that you can learn more about what is going on inside of you.
Psychodynamic therapy is part of our dialectical behavior therapy in Mahanoy City PA. Through psychodynamic therapy, we can provide holistic treatment that helps to heal your whole being and not just tackle the problem of addictions. Would you like to learn more about this effective therapy? Then contact Silver Pines Treatment Center today.
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Understanding Psychodynamic Therapy

Many of the mental and behavioral patterns that fuel your addiction are learned when you are a child. These patterns are influential in how you handle different situations in your life, including your addiction. Understanding these patterns is instrumental in helping you learn more about why you abuse drugs or alcohol.

The psychodynamic therapy sessions at Silver Pines Treatment Center allows you to learn and grow at your own pace instead of following a rigid treatment program. We can schedule your session with you once or twice a week. Each session lasts about an hour. This allows you to enter into your treatment with less intensity.

What You Can Expect During Your Sessions

When you start a session with your therapist, you will sit face-to-face in a relaxed setting. Your therapist will encourage you to talk freely about whatever is on your mind at the time. There is no pressure to stick to a topic. We can explore your thoughts and feelings, including any mental issues you may be dealing with, such as depression or anxiety.
The goal of our sessions will be to give you a better self-awareness and help you to understand your thoughts and feelings better. We also look at your beliefs and how these beliefs hinder you from taking the next step to addiction recovery. We can explore unresolved conflicts and issues that you might want to address.

How Your Therapist Can Help You

Our role during your sessions is to help you get to the root of your addiction. You may discover that there are underlying problems that you must deal with so that you do not relapse back into a life of dependency. We encourage you to open up and talk honestly about your feelings and your life.
We can dig into your past, as well as focus on the present, and talk about how it has affected the present moment and the issues that you are currently dealing with. It is essential that you develop a healthy relationship with your therapist, as this will also determine the success of your other relationships. We can help you through every step of this healing process.

Addiction Recovery Treatment We Provide

In addition to our psychodynamic therapy program in Mahanoy City PA, we also offer other treatments that help you with recovery, such as:
You can combine many of our treatments to help you get clean and stay clean. Feel free to ask us about any of our treatment programs. We can help you decide which ones are right for you.

Psychodynamic Therapy Program Available Today

If you would like to know more about our psychodynamic therapy program, contact us today at Silver Pines Treatment Center. Our warm and caring staff can help you find the path to recovery. To start your treatment, call us at 267.719.8689.
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