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Silver Pines Treatment Center offers addiction treatment programs that target a wide variety of needs. Just like every person is unique, so is each addiction and the treatment that it takes to get well again. Each of our programs is designed to offer a range of therapies, including holistic, evidence-based and experiential.

Men’s Addiction Treatment Programs

Gender specific addiction treatment is vital for helping individuals achieve lasting, sustainable recovery. Our men’s addiction treatment program gives men a place where they can begin to recover without distractions or fear of judgment. Simply put, men have different needs than women in addiction treatment.

Our therapists’ design men’s treatment to help them tear down barriers that may have contributed to their addictions. Often, these barriers are emotional in nature and may be a result of childhood trauma or unrealistic stereotypes that they feel they need to live up to.

Mike Sr. was resistant to treatment and Joe was just going along with the motions even though he knew he needed help. Listen to both of their stories and how grateful they are to Silver Pines for putting them on the path to recovery.

Women’s Addiction Treatment Programs

Women often find their way to addiction differently than men which is why we created a separate women’s addiction treatment program. Additionally, they have different long-term concerns than most men. Reproduction anxieties, childcare issues, and familial relationships all play a strong part in women’s addiction treatment and recovery.
History of sexual abuse by men can also make women uncomfortable in a co-ed treatment setting. Being able to open up about these issues in group therapy makes treatment more productive. Additionally, it allows women to feel comfortable and relaxed while working towards recovery goals.

Residential Program

It’s vital for anyone beginning addiction treatment to be held accountable for their actions. A residential program gives those in the early stages of recovery the support and guidance they need to stay sober. Some people start in outpatient programs or even try to go the path alone. Sadly, many of these individuals relapse early on because the temptation is so great and their drug of choice is easily available.
In our residential program, clients receive around the clock care that includes the following:
Together, these components help steer clients in the right direction, while acting as a safety net. If you’re ready to learn more about our addiction treatment programs and commit to sobriety, call Silver Pines Treatment Center today at 267.209.7313.

Non-Medical Detox

Before clients can begin healing psychologically, they have to first break their physical dependency on drugs or alcohol. Our non-medical detox program gives clients a place to do this with support and guidance. Some methods of non-medical detox that we offer include exercise, meditation, and individual therapy.
This type of detox is best for individuals who either don’t have severe addictions or haven’t been abusing substances for very long. In extreme cases, it’s best for individuals to seek out medically managed detox to reduce health risks as a result of withdrawal.

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