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Holistic Therapy

Holistic Therapy

Holistic therapy is becoming a more common approach to addiction treatment. People who are looking at addiction recovery options may not know what that means for them. The truth is that holistic treatment can be incredibly beneficial. If people choose a holistic treatment approach at quality treatment centers, they could even put themselves on the path towards lasting sobriety.
holistic recovery

What Is Holistic Therapy?

Holistic therapy is an approach to recovery that emphasizes full body care. Treatment centers that offer holistic treatment options want their clients to recover in mental, spiritual, and physical ways.

This approach requires clients to enter a number of treatment programs. Some of these programs are part of more traditional models of addiction treatment as well. These traditional programs include:

Many of these traditional programs stop at mental health and support. In order to go beyond mental health, the holistic approach includes programs like yoga, mindfulness training, personal nutrition, fitness, and more. A mix of traditional and other programs helps treatment centers provide a holistic approach to recovery.

How Does Holistic Therapy Help During Addiction Treatment?

By focusing on the whole body, people have the chance to recover from the havoc addiction has wreaked on their lives.
Addiction is a whole body disease. People who struggle with addiction often experience pain mentally, spiritually, and physically. They also have family, work, and financial difficulties that can make these pains even worse. The holistic approach to addiction treatment gives people a chance to recover in all three of those areas.
The holistic approach also gives people a chance to build a support network. During holistic treatment, people learn how to rely on others when they’re hurting. They also are able to meet with staff members and other people who are recovering. These individuals can become part of their sober network.
The combination of the support network and full-body care gives many individuals a great chance at lasting sobriety.

What Treatment Center Options Enhance Holistic Therapy?

The holistic approach to recovery is best to start in a residential program. People in residential care live at the addiction treatment center. That means they’re always around caring and capable staff members. The holistic approach can work in outpatient programs as well, but people wanting a full-body approach to recovery should start in residential treatment.
People in treatment also benefit greatly from the holistic approach when their recovery schedule has a strong structure. When people have less free time, they’re less likely to think of or encounter triggering stimuli. This helps them avoid cravings. When they avoid cravings, they’re less likely to relapse during treatment.
Holistic treatment is also best in home-like and comforting environments. Certain programs can work in more medically-focused environments. Those environments don’t help clients in yoga or mindfulness training programs, though. In fact, they can distract individuals that are trying to focus on their recovery.

A Treatment Center That Offers A Holistic Approach To Addiction Recovery

If you’re looking for a treatment center that focuses on the holistic approach to recovery, Silver Pines Treatment Center can help you. At our facility, we’ll provide you with a personalized recovery schedule that focuses on your full body care. If you stay with us during your treatment, you’ll also be around caring staff members that want to help you stay sober for the rest of your life.
A holistic approach to addiction treatment can help you get sober. Don’t wait because you’re unsure of treatment options. Call Silver Pines Treatment Center at 267.719.8689 and talk with someone about the holistic approach to treatment today.
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