Outdoor Therapy Activities

Outdoor Therapy Activities

Most people think of addiction treatment as something that happens in a therapist’s office. In many instances, this is an integral part of the process. However, good-quality facilities now also incorporate outdoor therapy activities. What are they, and how do they help you?
Outdoor Therapy Activities

What Outdoor Therapy Isn’t

Some program participants worry they have to be in good physical shape to participate in outdoor therapy activities. However, that’s not the case. Therapists understand that drug abuse hurts the mind, as well as the body. Therefore, they don’t expect you to run a marathon.

Moreover, these therapeutic sessions aren’t preparations for marathon running, either. You’re not lifting weights or running to participate in a race. The therapy isn’t a way of getting fit and toning your muscles. Although for some, this is a happy side effect of program participation.

What’s the Reason Behind Outdoor Therapy Activities?

Outdoor therapy takes place in nature. It’s an activity that focuses on positive personal growth, celebrates even the smallest milestones, and builds self-esteem.
For example, you step out of your comfort zone to join an outdoor yoga session. That’s a huge step for some. Maybe you sign up for gardening classes. Again, you’re leaving your comfort zone to interact with others and learn a new hobby.
You join a group of peers on a nature hike. In fact, you possibly haven’t interacted with others while sober in a long time. In the process, you build your self-confidence.
No matter what types of outdoor activities you participate in, you experience personal growth. From there, you build on that growth. For example, you gain leadership skills and overcome fears. Positive risk-taking opens the door to other growth experiences.

Doing Things Outdoors Doesn’t Take the Place of Other Proven Treatments

Although useful, wilderness therapy can’t stand alone as an addiction treatment option. You need to combine it with effective therapeutic approaches that let you tackle substance abuse from various angles. For example, effective addiction treatment programs include:

Start with Detox

Detoxification is the first step on the road to recovery. It breaks the physiological addiction that makes you believe you need the drug for survival. As long as your body claims the drug is a necessity, you can’t focus on the rehab treatment. In the past, some people would try to detox by themselves at home.
Others had to travel to stand-alone facilities that only specialize in detox. However, that’s no longer the case. Good-quality centers now offer medical and clinical care at the same facility. Undergoing treatment in this setting has many advantages.
You don’t have to fear the pain of withdrawal symptoms. Medical detox helps you to deal with the discomfort. Next, there’s the seamless transition to rehab. Without the lag time in care, you substantially decrease your chance of relapse.

Take Your First Step on the Road to Recovery Today

Before there can be outdoor therapy activities, there needs to be medical care. Find out more about your therapy options. In fact, you don’t have to continue suffering from addiction. Connect with Silver Pines Treatment Center by dialing 267.719.8689 today.
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