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Nutritional Therapy During Rehab

Nutritional Therapy During Rehab

Are you thinking about entering rehab because your drug or alcohol habit is out of control? If so, you will learn that nutritional therapy is part of the healing experience. However, does specific and unique treatment matter when you overcome substance abuse? In fact, it can have a lasting effect on your ability to prevent a relapse.
nutritional therapy benefits during rehab

Eat What Your Body Needs

At a rehab facility, a nutrition education specialist challenges you to rethink your dietary choices. Sure, you already know that fruits, vegetables, and whole grains are good for you. Now, however, you learn how they can influence your susceptibility to relapse.

During nutritional therapy, you connect the dots between disease, addiction, and malnourishment. In fact, addiction is a disease of the brain that has physiological and psychological manifestations. Healing involves making conscious changes in the way you feed your body. Moreover, supplying healthy nutrients prevents physical problems; however, the benefits go even further.

How Nutritional Therapy Becomes Part of Rehab

Pre-packaged, prepared food that many people reach for when doing drugs are often bad for you. In some situations, unhealthy foods create problems outside of drug use. For example, lack of nutrition can lead to devastating health problems.
You eat convenience foods, but they don’t give you the energy to get out of bed. Therefore, stimulants fix the problem. You have headaches because of fast food you eat. However, pain pills come to the rescue.
Overeating pizza and similar high-calorie foods make you gain weight. Stimulants help you to shed the pounds. Therefore, do you see a pattern? If you keep eating the way you did when you used drugs, it’s only a matter of time before you relapse. With nutritional counseling, you learn how to feed yourself properly to eliminate many of these problems.

Fitting Nutritional Assistance into an Addiction Treatment Protocol

Of course, nutritional counseling is only one aspect of recovery. Other addiction treatment programs assist with different facets of regaining sobriety. For example, these programs include:
As you can see, nutritional counseling is only one part of addiction recovery. By the way, it doesn’t just start when you enter rehab. Ideally, you begin undergoing this level of care as early as detox. Furthermore, the goal is to help you protect your body during the initial drug withdrawal.
From there, it’s a lot easier to incorporate healthy eating practices into rehab. At that point, it becomes part of the life skills training that takes place at most facilities.
You shift your focus on making healthier choices as you approach independent living. At Silver Pines Treatment Center, nutritional therapy is a major aspect of care. Learn how to break out of the vicious cycle of drug abuse today. Call us at 267.719.8689 now to learn more about our nutritional treatments.
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