LSD Addiction Rehab

LSD Addiction Rehab

Silver Pines Treatment Center is your gateway to a clean and healthy life free of LSD addiction. Our innovative evidence-based and holistic LSD addiction rehab targets the underlying causes of your addiction so that you can achieve long-term recovery. When you are ready to get off of LSD for good, an LSD addiction rehab center in Mahanoy City PA is here to help.

Our hallucinogen addiction rehab program in Mahanoy City PA provides you with a comprehensive treatment plan that includes detox, rehab, and aftercare. Regardless of how severe your LSD addiction is or how long you have been on the drug, we can help you end your addiction. Do not let LSD destroy your life. You can receive the care you need to live a life free from substance abuse.

Treatment Available for LSD Addiction

An LSD addiction treatment center in Mahanoy City PA provides treatment plans that help the whole person heal. We integrate a wide range of treatment that addresses your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs. You can take advantage of an array of services that include nutrition, education, therapy, meditation, and spirituality.

Some of our primary treatment and therapy programs include:

When you choose Silver Pines Treatment Center for LSD addiction, you get a full-scale treatment plan that begins with detox and goes through extensive rehab. Once your initial treatment is complete, you can extend your care through our aftercare program. Our programs are designed to give you a successful long-term recovery.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

If you have a mental disorder, you may have turned to LSD as a way to escape your condition. Your mental disorder may be triggering your addiction in various ways. Your LSD use could also be aggravating the symptoms of your mental disorder. Dual diagnosis allows us to target both your mental health condition and your addiction.

Dual diagnosis includes a medication-supported detox program to help you get through the withdrawal symptoms. From there, we recommend inpatient rehab that combines different types of talk therapy with psychotherapy. You can also participate in group therapy and treatment that is gender-specific.

With dual diagnosis therapy, you can get appropriate treatment for both your addiction and your mental condition.

Our Goal is Relapse Prevention Through Aftercare

We understand that it can be challenging to get off LSD or any other type of drug. Even after you go through detox and rehab, you still have to re-enter your daily life. The stress of family, work, finances, and other areas of your life can trigger a relapse and send you headlong back into addiction.

For this reason, we are committed to helping you get clean and stay clean through many of our relapse prevention programs. You have several options available to you through our aftercare program. This extended care is mostly driven by holistic and group activities while allowing you to continue meeting with your therapist. Some of the aftercare programs and activities we offer include:

You can also continue your medical treatment and pharmacological care. You can keep your therapy sessions and use the medicines that help you prevent relapse. Ask us about Vivitrol, a drug that can block the effects of LSD.

Contact an LSD Addiction Rehab Today to Start Your Treatment

If you are ready to do something about your LSD addiction, then now is the time to contact Silver Pines Treatment Center. Call us today at [Direct] to set up a consultation with a treatment specialist and find out more about LSD addiction rehab.

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