Codeine Addiction Rehab

Codeine Addiction Rehab

The current opioid epidemic is much worse than people realize. In fact, it involves many more drugs than just heroin. Those who develop an addiction to prescription pain medications are at a great risk as well. Prescription drug addiction accounts for the most instances of drug overdoses in the United States each year. If you think you have a problem with prescription pain medications, you may need to enter a codeine addiction treatment center.
codeine addiction treatment

Why a Codeine Addiction Treatment Rehab Center?

Prescription drug addiction is extremely cunning and it progresses without you realizing what’s happening. Specifically, you may start taking the medications as a way to deal with some form of pain from a surgery or injury. Over time, your body develops a tolerance and dependence to the euphoric feeling the medication is giving you. Eventually, your mind is actually intensifying your pain or making you simply crave the drug.

You eventually get to a point where the medication is now in complete control of your life and you can’t stop. Without the help of a codeine addiction treatment center, your addiction will continue to progress. Moreover, this leads to symptoms of withdrawal, as well as issues in your personal, professional and family life.

Do You Need Codeine Addiction Rehab Treatment?

Addiction treatment programs are for those who’ve lost the power of choice when it comes to using drugs. If you find that you’re unable to stop using these medications, treatment can help. Some of the ways you’ll know if you’ve lost control of your prescription drug use are as follows:
  • Problems at work
  • Friends or family issues
  • Symptoms of withdrawal when you stop using
It’s important for you to be honest with yourself about the fact that you no longer have control over your drug use. Once you’re able to do this, it’s possible for you to experience liberation from your addiction and ask for help. Remember, addiction is a disease, and there’s nothing to be ashamed of by recognizing that you need help. The best way to get this help is to check yourself into a qualified inpatient drug rehab.

What Happens in Codeine Addiction Rehab?

Addiction treatment is a place for you to go where you can learn how to regain control of your life. You’re going to learn more about the disease of addiction, as well as ways to live an incredible life without drugs. This is done through various types of individual and group therapy programs. You’re going to find a new happiness and peace of mind when you realize that you don’t have to continue living this way any longer. Through the help and support of therapists and your peers in treatment, you’ll begin to have hope for a better life.

Silver Pines Treatment Center is a qualified addiction treatment facility that wants to help you begin a new chapter in your life. We’re extremely passionate about helping anyone who has lost control of their use of prescription drugs. Not only do we teach you how to stay sober, but we’re also here to help you get through withdrawals. We have an on-site detox program to help minimize your symptoms of withdrawal when you get clean.

Some of the other addiction treatment programs we offer include:

Contact us today at 267.209.7313 to learn more about our addiction treatment options.

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