Mens Addiction Recovery

Mens Addiction Recovery

Gender-specific treatment is effective in helping people with drug addiction. It addresses the unique needs that men have and helps them focus on their recovery. Learn more about the importance and benefits of a men’s program.

Why a Mens Addiction Recovery Program Is Important

According to research, there are clear differences between men and women when it comes to drug addiction. Statistics show that men usually drink more alcohol more often, increasing their risk of developing alcoholism. Also, men are more likely to use illegal drugs, so they have a higher chance of developing drug addiction.

Drug addiction manifests differently in men than it does in women. Men generally start using drugs for different reasons and at different periods of their lives.  A men addiction rehab program specifically addresses these issues, making it an important and effective approach.

How Silver Pines Treatment Target Male-Specific Needs

Men with addiction face unique challenges and pressures. The expectations and stereotypes that society put on men can be destructive barriers to recovery. Some men suffer sexual abuse at a young age, which can also create barriers that make recovery hard.

In men-only treatment programs, therapists design treatment plans to tear down these barriers. They create a more compatible dynamic that reduces the discomfort that some men feel with women around. This environment makes them feel more like they have the support that they need.

Benefits of Men-Only Addiction Rehab Programs

There are many benefits of entering men-only addiction rehab programs. The first advantage is that therapists design treatment around the causes of addiction unique to men. They have more training and experience in choosing and using methods that are most effective for treating problems that males most frequently deal with.

Men-only programs are also advantageous because they remove all romantic distractions. Many men turn to relationships to cope with intense and uncomfortable situations. Others become uncomfortable simply because women are in the same room. Male-specific treatment eliminates this problem from the start so that men can focus on recovery.

During group therapy, rehab centers are able to address issues that only affect men. Some of these issues include abuse, aggression, learning to provide for loved ones and masculinity. Removing women from therapy sessions can make men feel less vulnerable and encourage them to open up.

Similarly, men are more likely to talk about emotional, physical and sexual trauma in a men’s program. In co-ed group therapy, men are less honest when they share the details of such trauma. This hesitation may be because society expects men to maintain a certain outward display of strength. However, male-specific treatment can teach men that it’s acceptable to express themselves.

Silver Pines Treatment Center Understands the Need for Men-Only Treatment

Located south of Hazleton, Pennsylvania, Silver Pines Treatment Center sits in a secluded wooded area. Our facility provides a safe, home-like atmosphere in which male clients can recover from addiction surrounded by nature. We offer residential treatment for up to 28 men at a time. Although we also have beds for 16 women, there’s minimal co-ed interaction.

We believe that healing the mind and spirit is just as important as healing the body. With this mindset, we take a holistic approach to addiction treatment. We offer meditation, nutrition counseling, yoga and other outdoor activities.
Our structured schedule combines programs such as:

Don’t allow addiction to control you or a loved one any longer. Overcome addiction, and learn how to live a healthy, sober life. Call Silver Pines Treatment Center at 267.719.8689 to get help.

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