Womens Addiction Recovery

Womens Addiction Recovery

Differences between men and women affect addiction treatment. Both men and women have special needs that require specific attention. For this reason, many females benefit from a women’s addiction recovery program.

Why a Womens Addiction Recovery Program Is Important

Research about gender influences on drug addiction shows that women differ from men in many ways. Women use substances for various reasons such as coping with stress and dealing with emotions. One way women become addicted is through the use with their partner. Fear of losing their children, stigma, or being the only caretaker in the home are other ways that women are affected. Historically, there was an age gap that existed between women reporting dependency. However, that has changed. Often the level of denial and misdiagnosis that occurred identified mental health issues and physical ailments rather than substance dependency. This may make them more susceptible to withdrawal complications if they try to stop using on their own.

Furthermore, pregnant women put themselves and their babies at risk when they abuse drugs. It’s essential that they seek help to avoid labor trouble and birth defects.

How Therapists Target Female-Specific Needs

Since women are so different from men, therapists in women-only programs have to use different techniques. The goal is to make women feel physically, mentally and emotionally safe so that they’re more open to treatment.

Therapists do this by recognizing that women’s relationships have important roles in their lives. Addiction Treatment Therapists also consider social expectations and how this affects women with drug addiction

Benefits of Women-Only Programs

Enrolling in inpatient treatment programs presents many benefits for people with addiction. The main advantage is that it removes them from the distractions of everyday life. However, women-only programs have even more advantages for women. These benefits revolve around addressing the specific needs that women have during addiction recovery.

Men and women are at risk for some of the same medical problems when they use drugs. These include infectious diseases from injecting drugs and co-occurring mental disorders. However, women could also have reproductive problems such as menstrual irregularities, infertility, and early menopause. Therapists can address these issues in sessions and teach coping skills.

Women with children might worry about childcare or losing custody while they undergo treatment. They tend to get less support from family, which makes their recovery more difficult. Some addiction rehab centers help women with childcare issues and provide support to motivate them to finish treatment.

Therapists in a women’s program account for the risk of rapid addiction onset. They also consider the chance that women are more vulnerable to the negative results of drug use.

Furthermore, women-only treatment gives special care to certain concerns such as body image and eating disorders. They also address motherhood and feeling fulfilled in life. Similarly, they work to improve self-esteem to give women more self-confidence to achieve long-term recovery

Silver Pines Treatment Center Understands the Benefits of a Specific Women’s Program

If you or a female loved one suffers from addiction, Silver Pines Treatment Center is available to provide gender-specific care. Our secluded, natural location gives our clients plenty of privacy. The home-like atmosphere that we create also makes them feel safe and comfortable.

Although Silver Pines Treatment Center accepts both male and female clients, we keep them separated. They have minimal contact throughout treatment so that they can focus on recovering from addiction. We also provide unique programs such as:

End the control that addiction has over your or a loved one’s life. Overcome addiction or help your loved one by enrolling in a quality women’s addiction rehab program. Dial 267.209.7313 now to begin the recovery process.

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