Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol addiction is dangerous and all too common in today’s world. At Silver Pines Treatment Center, we offer alcohol addiction rehab treatment for individuals who suffer from alcohol dependency.

How Alcohol Addiction Affects the Body

Since alcohol depresses the central nervous system, it slows down physical and mental functions. With one drink, people may experience reduced stress or anxiety. Many people who get anxious in social situations use it as a way to boost their confidence. Additionally, some use it in order to worry less about how others perceive them.

However, regularly drinking alcohol in large amounts can lead to negative outcomes. Some of these outcomes include financial trouble, diminished physical health, strained relationships and work issues. When alcohol use causes any of these outcomes, it becomes alcohol abuse.

Types of Drinkers

The difference between alcohol use and alcohol abuse still might not be obvious to everyone. Along with the above negative outcomes, here’s a look at the types of drinkers based on alcohol consumption.
  • Social drinkers are people who consume small amounts of alcohol occasionally.  However, they never have more than one to two drinks each time. They still feel relaxed and might have a buzz, but they stop at that point.
  • Binge drinkers are people who irregularly drink alcohol in large amounts. Men who binge have five or more drinks in two hours, and women who binge have four or more. Sporadic binge drinkers may stop drinking on their own. However, prolonged binge drinking may lead to the same consequences as dependent drinkers such as employment problems, DUI arrests, family issues and could lead to dependency.
  • Dependent drinkers consume alcohol in large amounts on a regular basis, resulting in consequences. They don’t actually need alcohol to function, but they often drink more than they plan. Dependent drinkers may experience family, health, legal and employment problems. Continuing this trend inevitably leads to alcohol addiction.

Alcohol Addiction

People who develop addiction crave alcohol. They can’t stop drinking even when they know that it causes harm to themselves and others. Alcoholics can feel withdrawal symptoms when they stop drinking and need more alcohol to alleviate those symptoms.  Their lives become unmanageable.
However, high-functioning alcoholics are an exception. They manage their addiction so that it doesn’t interfere with their careers and personal lives. Many alcoholics don’t realize that there’s a problem until they experience severe consequences such as loss of employment and/or disciplinary action, loss of family, legal issues, and health problems. Denial is another characteristic of any addiction, including alcoholism, which can prolong someone’s ability to recognize that they are an alcoholic.

Alcoholism Treatment Options

Alcohol is a complex and challenging disease to treat. The treatment that works for one alcoholic won’t always work for another. Following detox, we use a range of therapy techniques according to each client’s needs. Some options include cognitive behavior therapy, contingency management and holistic therapy.
Treatment for alcoholism is the beginning of the healing process. Aftercare, which follows treatment, consists of ongoing therapy, 12 step meeting attendance, family support and change in nutritional habits, which all show to provide increased success rates.

Silver Pines Treatment Center Understands the Struggles of Alcoholics

If you or a loved one struggles with alcohol addiction, get treatment as soon as possible. At Silver Pines Treatment Center, we offer a safe and private environment for alcohol addiction recovery. We have 16 beds for women and 28 beds for men. During you or your loved ones stay at Silver Pines, he or she will receive gender specific treatment to help them focus solely on recovery.
During residential treatment, Silver Pines Treatment Center uses several addiction treatment therapy techniques based on each client’s needs. Along with traditional treatments, we offer holistic therapies such as:
  • Meditation
  • Outdoor activities
  • Yoga
  • Aromatherapy
Don’t waste your life and health on addiction any longer. Get the help that you need to regain strength and overcome alcoholism. Make the call to 267.209.7313 to learn more about our residential program.

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