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Many drug addicts and alcoholics try to quit on their own, but their efforts often prove unsuccessful. Others enroll in outpatient treatment programs where they try to beat their addiction. Daily stresses from work, family, and social interactions can make it difficult for them to overcome. However, residential rehab centers are for people who want to do whatever it takes to find sobriety for the lasting future.

This does not mean that other options for rehabilitation are ineffective. In fact, each treatment works best on a case-by-case basis. What residential treatment does offer, however, is more control and a strenuous environment.

Additionally, a supervised detoxification program is often recommended for a person who abuses certain substances. For example, withdrawal symptoms that occur when the substance is absent can cause serious health consequences. Trained professionals can help to ease uncomfortable symptoms that may also become fatal in an unsupervised space.

Residential Rehab Puts You in a Healing EnvironmentResidential rehab

Treatment at a residential facility gives you an opportunity to separate from everyday life to focus on recovery. From sitting in traffic to worrying about bills, you may get distracted from regaining control without the influence of an addictive substance.

There is less temptation to use when you are in a peaceful and secluded environment. Furthermore, you receive 24/7 support to overcome your addiction. When thoughts of returning to drugs or alcohol arise, someone is close by to help.

Residential Rehab Provides a Safe Place to Detox

Being close to specialists who understand the detoxification process will help you deal with withdrawals. Your body has become accustomed to depending on alcohol or drugs to function. As a result, stopping use often leads to uncomfortable and painful withdrawal symptoms.

Enrolling in a residential program for treatment ensures that support is readily available to minimize physical damages. Supportive services, such as massage therapy, counseling, and fitness therapy can help you deal with withdrawal symptoms.

Residential Rehab Offers a Variety of Therapies

Residential treatment centers offer a wide variety of healing and empowering therapies. You’ll gain knowledge about why you began abusing while transitioning to abstinence.

Addiction treatment therapy sessions in group and individual settings give you the space you deserve to work through the root cause of your addiction. Throughout this stage of the process, you learn techniques to live a life free from drugs or alcohol.

Another benefit of a residential facility is access to an exercise regimen. Yoga and other activities can increase endorphins to restore your body to a physically healthy state.

Get Comprehensive Help for Long-Term Sobriety

Silver Pines Treatment Center near Hazelton, PA offers addiction treatment programs to help you change negative behaviors and avoid relapse. Our holistic approach to overcoming addiction includes services such as:

If you or someone you love suffers from drug or alcohol addiction, contact us at 267.719.8689 to learn more about our residential treatment services. We have a serene, safe, and secluded environment where you can free yourself from addiction.

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