Overcoming Addiction Through Rehab

Overcoming Addiction Through Rehab

Many people who abuse drugs and alcohol feel hopeless. In fact, they know they need help to overcome addiction, but they often feel powerless to do so. If you desperately want to break the cycle of addiction, you can do it, with help from a quality rehab facility.

Detox Is Just the Beginning

You might think overcoming addiction is simply a matter of no longer using. Once the drugs are out of your body, you’re clean, right?
Detox is an important part of getting sober, but it’s far from long-term sobriety. When someone only goes through detox, he or she just touches the physical part of addiction.
However, you must deal with the emotional and mental issues that contribute to drug and alcohol abuse. Otherwise, the chances of relapse are very high.
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Overcoming Addiction at Silver Pines

Once your body is clear of drugs and alcohol, rehab is the next phase of your recovery. This process lasts longer than detox. Moreover, the treatment in rehab is very important for lasting sobriety.
Addiction doesn’t just happen. People become dependent on substances for various reasons. Some have trouble coping with negative emotions, so they turn to drinking to feel better. Others haven’t been able to deal with past trauma, and they use as an effort to escape it. Furthermore, some people suffer from chronic pain and end up dependent on prescription pills.
In many cases, there are underlying issues that have to be addressed in order to truly overcome addiction. Without facing these issues head on, it’s nearly impossible to maintain sobriety.
In addition, people need more productive, positive ways to channel stress and handle negative thoughts and feelings. Rehab helps them develop effective techniques for this. Instead of using heroin as an escape mechanism, you can turn to holistic therapy.
Rehab also helps you take responsibility for their actions. With the right addiction treatment, you can become healthy inside and out. Your emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical self will come into alignment.

Begin Your Recovery With Us

At Silver Pines Treatment Center, you can beat drug and alcohol addiction in our comfortable, encouraging environment.
At our facility, you can face opiate detox and rehab with our supportive staff. We provide a home-like residential setting where clients feel safe and confident at every turn. Overcome your dependency on drugs or alcohol, and regain your life today. Call us now at 267.209.7313 to learn more about addiction help and treatment.

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