Women’s Rehab Program for Addiction

Women’s Rehab Program for

Is a women’s rehab program the right option for you? The answer depends on your preferences in rehab and recovery. For example, some women do fine in a co-ed setting, while others like a female-only environment.
Womens rehab program

Why A Women’s Rehab Program Can Be Beneficial

It takes a lot of courage to admit you need help for drug or alcohol addiction. Possibly, you might have tried to get clean before but struggled with relapse. However, it’s never too late to try again.

Maybe you’ve never considered the benefits of a women’s rehab program before. First, you don’t have to stay in a female-only addiction treatment center. Instead, you can choose a facility that offers gender-specific group sessions.

You might prefer womens addiction rehab program because:

  • You can freely discuss sensitive topics among other women.
  • The right facility can ensure a safe, supportive environment that encourages you to make positive changes.
  • You have the support of a peer group. Women can be a great source of encouragement and support to other women.
  • Low self-esteem and eating disorders plague women more than men. In rehab, your counselors can address these issues.
  • There will be no male distractions. If you have co-dependency issues, attending group sessions with men could be a trigger for you.

Women’s Unique Relapse Risks

In addition to common issues that many women share, they also tend to have relapse risks that differ from men. Professionals can help you identify them and give you the tools you need to handle them.
Women may relapse from co-dependency issues. Part of suffering from low self-esteem is choosing partners who do nothing to make you feel empowered or important. Going back into a co-dependent relationship increases chances for relapse.
Others, however, lose a sense of who they are. They’re so busy being a wife, mother, sister, or friend that they don’t take time for themselves. They lose their identity in trying to be so many things for other people. The resulting self-doubt and loneliness can push them into using.
Some women don’t have the emotional support they need. They’re not confident enough to ask for it, so they cope in other ways, such as turning to drugs or alcohol.

Discover Sober Living

Silver Pines Treatment Center is an addiction treatment facility that’s ready to help you overcome dependency. We provide a home-like atmosphere where you’ll feel safe and comfortable every step of the way. Our center takes a holistic approach to treatment. We want you to heal mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and physically.
If you’ve avoided a women’s program in the past because you have childcare obligations, our outpatient program may be the solution you need.
Isn’t it time you took control of your life from addiction? With our help, you can begin your journey to sobriety today. Contact us now at 267.719.8689, and we’ll put you on the right path to recovery.
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