United Steelworkers Union Addiction Treatment Center

United Steelworkers Union
Addiction Treatment Center

Silver Pines Treatment Center welcomes a broad range of professionals to our home-like atmosphere. Some struggle with addictions that span years or even decades. Others are gradually slipping into chemical dependency and want to get out before things get worse. As such, it’s fair to call us the local United Steelworkers Union addiction treatment center.

Who are the United Steelworkers Members?

There are, of course, the miners and metalworkers. However, members of this union also include security guards, nurses, electricians, pharmacists, forestry employees, and other trades. Most importantly, there are family members and loved ones of these hard workers. When substance abuse strikes, working with the union members addiction treatment center is a good idea.

Paying for Rehab at the United Steelworkers Union Addiction Treatment Center

Union members typically have a choice between three different PPO insurance plans. Because of the Affordable Care Act, each PPO plan must provide coverage for mental health and substance abuse treatment. Since each plan is slightly different, a Silver Pines Treatment Center intake counselor helps you verify benefits. Therefore, you know ahead of time how much the insurance will pay.

Do You Need Detox and Rehab?

One of the most commonly asked questions has to do with the need for addiction therapy. Is it really necessary to get professional help? Most people hope that they could just quit on their own. Of course, if you were able to do so, you wouldn’t actually have an addiction.

Chemical dependency is a habit that you can’t stop without a United Steelworkers Union addiction treatment center. You know you want to, but the compulsion is too strong. No matter how often you resolve never to use again, you’ll do so when the withdrawal symptoms get worse. Medical detox weans you off the drug.

You don’t have to fear the withdrawal symptoms any longer. Rather, you receive pharmacological support to stop using. The medications prevent cravings and pain. Similarly, they help your body overcome the notion that it needs the drug to survive.

Next, you undergo clinical treatment at our United Steelworkers Union addiction treatment center. You work closely with addiction treatment specialists to detail a suitable care protocol. The goal is to ensure that each modality has meaning for you. Approaches might include:

  • Family counseling and relationship intervention for program participants with codependency
  • Behavioral therapy that encourages you to explore new stress responses for dysfunctional trigger reactions
  • Group therapy that readies you for support group participation in the future
  • Nutrition therapy, which helps you learn more about returning to a healthy lifestyle

Why Work with a Facility That Caters to Your Industry?

You could work with any other treatment facility. Why should you select the United Steelworkers Union addiction treatment center instead? For starters, you work with specialists who realize the importance that sobriety has for professionals. Similarly, these experts see you as a whole person.

They focus not just on the physiological or psychological, but also include the emotional and spiritual aspects of healing. Furthermore, you have professionals with appropriate licenses and certifications treating you or loved ones. Therefore, you feel confident in the care you receive. Besides that, the facility has a distinct home-like feel that sets it apart from clinical settings.

Remember that addiction won’t get better on its own. Learn more about the evidence-based Pennsylvania addiction treatment programs that Silver Pines Treatment Center employs. Most importantly, discuss with an intake advisor why this is the local United Steelworkers Union addiction treatment center. Call 267.209.7313 today to schedule an appointment.

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