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Union Members Addiction Treatment Programs

Union Members Addiction
Treatment Programs

Chemical dependency wreaks havoc in the workplace. Union members addiction treatment programs at Silver Pines Treatment Center focus on helping you. Whether you’re a teacher, nurse, or electrical worker, you need to overcome substance abuse. Here’s how it works.

Intake Focuses on Building a Comprehensive Care Experience for You

Everyone’s addiction profile is different. For some, it’s a matter of self-medicating to make specific symptoms go away. For others, childhood trauma keeps resurfacing. Alcohol or opioids make the memories go away for a while.

Maybe things started with just a drink to relax after a hard day. After a while, the drink turned into two, four, or more. Now, you drink every night. Waking up with shaking hands is a new normal. However, union members addiction treatment programs can help.

Addiction admissions procedures emphasize the importance of introducing modalities that work for you. Evidence-based approaches include:

How Union Members Addiction Treatment Programs Protect You

Confidentiality is a primary concern for professionals. These addiction treatment programs are completely private. Most importantly, you don’t want your boss to find out. Therefore, the Silver Pines Treatment Center protects your privacy throughout your care experience.

We don’t disclose your presence at our home-like care center. Similarly, we don’t give out information about your care. It’s up to you to share details with loved ones and others. Many union members choose to take time off under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) to undergo care.

Doing so keeps your place at work open for you. Remember also that the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) protects you from losing a position due to rehab check-in. Our intake advisors gladly help you fill out the paperwork to take advantage of these workplace protections. Similarly, they can provide any documentation you might require as proof of your care.

Paying for Rehab

Intake specialists answer your questions about union members addiction treatment programs. These professionals also make paying for addiction rehab a lot easier. Because they handle the insurance verification process, you know exactly how much your plan pays. Most importantly, they take care of all the paperwork to get you the maximum payout.

Some union members choose to pay cash for their rehab stays. These are typically top-level professionals who don’t want even an insurer to know about their stay at rehab. At the Silver Pines Treatment Center, we can accommodate this setup if you prefer.

Talk through the Options during a Confidential Conversation with an Intake Advisor

Beginning your journey to sobriety typically starts with a medical detox. In the process, your body regains equilibrium. This means that it no longer reacts with withdrawal symptoms when it doesn’t get the substance it craves. Almost everyone finishes this part of treatment within five to ten days.

However, some individuals might not need a detox. For example, if you struggle with a psychological LSD addiction, you may not need detox. Rather, you might move straight to clinical care. Therefore, you need information about entering the residential treatment program.

Find out more about the Silver Pines Treatment Center’s union members addiction treatment programs. See how we work with professionals to facilitate a return to sobriety. Call 267.719.8689 today.

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