PA Hiking Therapy Benefits

PA Hiking Therapy Benefits

There’s more to therapy than just sitting around in a room and talking about feelings. While it’s an important part, a rehab center can take therapy to the next level. One way is by incorporating holistic services, such as hiking therapy. In fact, PA hiking therapy plays a big role in addiction treatment plans.
PA Hiking Therapy Benefits Overall Recovery

What Is PA Hiking Therapy?

Hiking therapy is a specific type of holistic or experiential treatment. As the name suggests, it involves getting outside and going for a walk or hike.

However, why is PA hiking therapy so important? The main reason is that Pennsylvania offers the perfect environment for hiking. Nice views, clean air, and relaxing sounds of wildlife make hiking in this state like no other experience.

Physical Benefits of Hiking Therapy

In regard to the benefits of hiking therapy, it’s important to start with the physical benefits. Walking in general is a good idea for everyone. It can naturally lower the risk of heart disease, improve overall blood pressure, and even boost bone density.
For people who struggle with addiction, increasing overall health is an important aspect of treatment. For that reason, many rehab centers offer an exercise therapy program. In many cases, hiking is one of the exercise options.

Improving Mood

The benefits of hiking therapy don’t stop with physical benefits. There are a lot of emotional and psychological benefits as well. For example, walking reduces overall stress levels. Keeping stress to a minimum is important since it’s a leading trigger for those with addiction.
However, how does walking improve mood? During exercise, the brain releases hormones or chemical compounds that scientists call endorphins. The brain uses these same chemicals to trigger a reward response. It’s also the same hormone that balances mood and sleep patterns, among other things.

With the release of endorphins, people start to feel better about not only themselves but also their outlook on life. Having a positive outlook is important during addiction rehab.

Enjoying a New Hobby

Another great thing about hiking therapy is that people can enjoy it during and after rehab. It’s a great hobby for them to get into and is one of the best forms of relapse prevention.
The great thing about hiking as a hobby is that nearly anyone can do it. They don’t have to go on super long or difficult hikes to get the benefits. They simply need to get outside, go for a walk and enjoy the great outdoors.
Exercise is a great hobby because it makes people feel good about themselves and keeps them in shape. Over time, they develop a workout pattern that works for them. Also, they start to look forward to their daily workouts.

Silver Pines Treatment Center and Hiking Therapy

Some people think that overcoming drug addiction is out of reach. It’s like reaching for the stars to them. With help from Silver Pines Treatment Center, you can achieve that. We have the knowledge and tools that you need to kick addiction to the curb once and for all.
One reason for our success at Silver Pines Treatment Center is our many treatment programs. We strive to offer a variety of services to address everyone’s needs. A few of these include:
Don’t just settle for a rehab center that only uses talk therapy to battle addiction. Find out if PA hiking therapy is right for you. Reach out to Silver Pines Treatment Center today at 267.719.8689 for more information.
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