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Residential Treatment

Residential Treatment

People have plenty of choices when it comes to finding the right level of addiction treatment. Arguably the best place to start, however, is with residential rehab. Explore the benefits of residential treatment and then get familiar with residential care available through Silver Pines Treatment Center.

24 Hour Care and Supervision

One of the best reasons to choose residential rehab is that it offers 24/7 care. Outpatient programs can certainly have their benefits, but these programs give clients freedom each evening. If you’ve struggled with relapse in the past, or you don’t have a strong support network, residential care is ideal.

In residential rehab, clients will never be isolated. Although there are plenty of opportunities to unwind and have time to yourself, you can also find staff around the clock. This is especially important when it comes to emergency medical treatment.

Addiction damages health, which means that many people in rehab are particularly at risk for surprise medical concerns. At home, these issues could go unnoticed and untreated. In a residential facility, clients have constant supervision and access to any medical attention whenever it might be necessary.

Focused Accountability

It’s no secret that overcoming a drug or alcohol addiction is tough. Often, the hardest part is simply making it through rehab and completing treatment. People who come and go from the treatment facility regularly might struggle to stay on track. In a 24/7 residential environment, there are fewer opportunities to veer off the right path.

Residential care offers focused accountability. The facility may administer blood and urine tests to ensure that clients are sober. In addition, closed facilities don’t allow drugs or alcohol on the premises. All of these strategies make it easy to work toward recovery and harder to succumb to cravings or temptations.

Constant Peer Support and Encouragement

In residential treatment, you’ll have plenty of opportunities for one-on-one therapy and counseling. However, an even bigger benefit is having peers around. The other clients in a residential rehab setting are all going through a similar life situation. That means you can learn from one another and support each other throughout the process.

You might choose to attend a 12-step meeting together, or you may join other participants in a group therapy session. You can also share meals with one another or participate in a joint activity like yoga. Since addiction can make many people feel lonely, having this built-in social network can be a tremendous advantage during addiction recovery.

An Environment That is Comfortable and Free From Stress

A major goal of rehab is to escape the stress of addiction. If clients are commuting to rehab each day, that might make things even more stressful. In residential treatment, the space is comfortable and stress-free.

Clients can participate in structured activities, but they don’t need to worry about bills, shopping for groceries or childcare. For a brief period, they can focus entirely on themselves, their health and their total recovery from addiction.

Residential Treatment at Silver Pines Treatment Center

Drug rehab at Silver Pines is an excellent way to commit to residential treatment and lasting recovery. In this home-like atmosphere, people beginning recovery are comfortable and safe. Days are filled with therapies, treatments, and activities, and there are plenty of social events to choose from. Examples of treatment options at Silver Pines include:

Residential rehab is one of the best possible ways to fight back against addiction. At Silver Pines Treatment Center in Hazleton, Pennsylvania, residential care is just one of the programs available to incoming patients. Call 267.719.8689 and start living the life of sobriety you truly deserve.

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