Behavioral Modification Therapy Program

Behavioral Modification Therapy

The behavioral modification therapy program at Silver Pines Treatment Center helps you re-learn behavior you have learned due to different circumstances in your life. The goal of behavior modification therapy is to help you change negative behaviors that have defined your addiction. We utilize a wide range of techniques to help you re-learn new behaviors that replace the old destructive behaviors.

Our cognitive behavioral therapy in Mahanoy City PA includes behavior modification therapy. It is a great supplement to other treatment programs that we offer at Silver Pines Treatment Center. We offer treatment that helps you to overcome your addiction and live a more fulfilling life.

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How Does Behavior Modification Work?

One of the things you will first become aware of is negative behavior and how it affects your life. Once you become aware of your negative behaviors, then you can learn how to replace those behaviors with positive behaviors.

How do we help you achieve this? By learning the difference between positive reinforcement and negative reinforcement.

  • Negative reinforcement: Negative reinforcement teaches you about the consequences of your actions and how your actions lead to those consequences, which, in turn, lead to further negative actions
  • Positive reinforcement: Likewise, positive reinforcement helps you understand how positive thoughts and actions can lead to positive results, which, in turn, lead to more positive actions

We can help you see the cause-and-effect relationship between your actions and what they lead to. Also, how different types of reinforcement can affect your behavior.

Your Silver Pines Treatment Center therapist can also teach you about how environmental limitations can limit your negative behaviors while changing the environment can promote good thoughts and actions.

Goal Setting and Conditioning

Our behavior modification therapy program helps you to set goals. Setting goals is an effective method for directing your thoughts and actions. If you are moving in a particular direction, then your thoughts and actions are more focused. Therefore, through conditioning, you can associate your negative behaviors with an external event or your surrounding. We can help you recondition your behaviors by offering a more peaceful and positive environment where you begin to associate this environment with more positive behaviors.

Our behavior modification program allows you to make the transition from being in a negative state of mind to a more positive frame of mind. Eventually, your behaviors will change as you learn and grow through our therapy.

Addiction Treatment Services That We Offer

In addition to our behavioral modification therapy program in Mahanoy City PA, we also offer other types of treatments and therapies to help you overcome your dependency on alcohol or drugs. These treatments include:

At Silver Pines Treatment Center, our trained and certified staff will evaluate your current condition and then make recommendations on treatments best for you. Our goal is to get you the help you need to overcome your addiction.

Learn More About Our Behavioral Modification Therapy Program

In conclusion, if you would like to learn more about our behavioral modification therapy program, contact Silver Pines Treatment Center today. We offer a wide range of programs that help you recover from your addiction and get back on your feet. Call us today at 267.209.7313 to get started today.
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