Art Therapy Program During Addiction Rehab

Art Therapy Program During
Addiction Rehab

For centuries, people have turned to artistic expression when dealing with turmoil. Some of the most highly valued products have emerged from processing and externalizing troubling times. Now, the power of creating is a recognized part of the human experience. This same power is increasingly part of an art therapy program for addiction treatment.
As an integral part of the healing process, a person can reach new levels of reflection and self-understanding. Their creative inclinations become a springboard for revitalization and social connection.
Art Therapy Program During Addiction Rehab.

What is an Art Therapy Program?

Art therapy addresses the emotional and spiritual needs of a person in addiction recovery. As a form of experiential therapy, the person does not need an artistic background. All they need is a willingness to actively engage in sessions. Doing so helps to ensure they get the full benefit of finding healthy ways to express themselves.

They may find that creative activity is an enjoyable and relaxing way to address complex issues. Tough aspects of rehab that produce stressful emotions are easier to process as the person explores their creativity. Activities such as drawing, music or painting become a way to express their feelings and anxieties.

What Happens During an Art Therapy Program Session?

Therapy sessions that involve artistic activities are usually integrated with a comprehensive treatment program. The structure of art therapy sessions depends on an individualized treatment plan. The person may either work collaboratively with others in rehab or create art independently.
Typically, a professionally trained art therapist directs sessions. They know how well art can be used as a medium for recovering and healing from substance addiction. The art therapist guides each person through the creative process. They are there to help each person explore underlying memories or emotions that may arise.

Using an Art Therapy Program in Addiction Recovery

There are many ways that art therapy contributes to the addiction rehab process. A person finds that communicating through art is easier. As their denial of addiction decreases, their motivation to change increases.
One person may simply prefer to not talk all the time. Another person battling addiction might also have a history of physical or sexual abuse.
Whether individual or group therapy, the shame of past life experiences and addiction lessen. They have a safe outlet to understand and cope with their drug or alcohol addiction. Painful emotions that may otherwise stay buried are easier to explore. The person learns healthy ways to cope.

Crafting Empowerment Within an Art Therapy Program

One of the hardest things for a person in rehab to express is hope. In fact, distressing memories and emotional pain is almost second nature. Hopelessness can become commonplace after multiple relapses bring fear that the cycle will never break.
However, the human spirit is resilient and entering or reentering rehab is a hopeful act. This treatment option can give a person tools to create visual goals and dreams. Creative affirmations turn into helpful guides for making it through rehab.
Art therapy gives the person a way to process negative feelings and experiences that contributed to their addiction. It also gives them a chance to envision their life beyond addiction. They become empowered to see a new future.

Art Therapy at Silver Pines Treatment Center

Specifically, Silver Pines Treatment Center offers innovative solutions to help you get a deeper understanding of your addiction. We use a holistic therapy program, such as art expression, to reveal your motivations and inner strengths.
You can create art projects to learn more about your condition during recovery. Our holistic approach places you in a home-like environment as the pieces of your life become whole.
For example, our addiction rehab services include:
Don’t surrender to the harmful nature of addiction. Call us at 267.209.7313 so we can help you find the road back to wellness. In fact, learn more about the benefits of an art therapy program today.
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