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What is an Alcohol Use Disorder?

What is an Alcohol Use Disorder?

Are you struggling with an alcohol use disorder? Moreover, have you heard people use the term to describe problematic drinking behaviors? If so, you may require proven treatment and rehab at a professional addiction rehab center.

Understanding the Mechanics of an Alcohol Use Disorder

It’s not just something that happens to other people. There are plenty of professionals who function throughout the day while dealing with an alcohol use disorder. They have jobs, families, and homes. However, they also have a problem with drinking too much when they don’t want to.

There are plenty of symptoms. For example, you may be unable to stop drinking once you start. You’ve tried limiting the amount of alcohol you consume, but you can’t make it happen. Furthermore, you spend much of your time buying, drinking, or recovering from alcohol.

When you’re in situations that make it impossible to have a drink, you’re thinking about alcohol. In addition, you count down the minutes until you can have the next one. Cravings may be so intense that you smuggle alcohol into venues by pouring it into other types of containers. You’re beginning to notice that your behavior is self-destructive.

Still, you can’t stop. Things are getting worse. Whenever you deviate from your regular alcohol consumption pattern, you’re experiencing withdrawal symptoms. Therefore, it’s time to consider entering one of the proven addiction treatment programs near you.

Enter a Recovery Program that Combines Detox and Rehab

Don’t travel from facility to facility to get help. Instead, work with a center that combines medical and clinical treatment. Specifically, detoxification is the process that breaks your body’s dependence on alcohol. Medical supervision ensures your safety and comfort.

There is pharmacological support that keeps the process pain-free. However, expect this phase of treatment to take five to seven days. It depends on the severity of your alcohol use disorder. In fact, some people might finish detox sooner.

Next, you transition to rehab. Your therapist customizes treatments with your specific needs in mind. For example, possible modalities include:

There Isn’t a Cure for An Alcohol Use Disorder

An alcohol addiction is a disease. It’s chronic, and there’s no cure. Instead, you learn to manage the condition. You recognize triggers and situations that would typically cause you to reach for a drink.

If you believe that you’ve developed an alcohol use disorder, it’s time to get help. In fact, you don’t have to continue suffering from a habit that you don’t want any longer. At Silver Pines Treatment Center, caring therapists welcome you into a home-like environment where you can heal. Call 267.719.8689 today to schedule an intake interview.

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