What is Cirrhosis?

What is Cirrhosis?

The ongoing abuse of alcohol can lead to many serious health conditions. For example, addiction to alcohol can result in cirrhosis of the liver. What is cirrhosis? How can you learn to recognize common signs of addiction? The information below will address these important questions.

Specifically, What is Cirrhosis?

Cirrhosis of the liver is a common health issue in those who have experienced an addiction to alcohol. What is cirrhosis? In simple terms, cirrhosis is severe inflammation and scarring of the liver tissue that leads to long-term side effects. Cirrhosis of the liver can cause fatigue, hormone imbalances, swelling, pain, weakness, and eventual liver failure. In order to avoid cirrhosis of the liver, it is important to understand the signs of addiction. In doing so, professional help can be found to address this serious problem before health concerns develop.
What is Cirrhosis Exactly?

Recognizing the Signs of Addiction

Alcohol addiction often results in many common signs to let you know the problem exists. For example, be aware of the following clues:

Preoccupation with Alcohol Consumption

Those addicted to alcohol may display an unusual obsession with the substance. Even when they are not drinking, they may be thinking about or planning for the next time they will consume alcohol. They will often go out of their way to ensure they never run out of it.

Drinking to the Point of Intoxication

Although it is not always a sign of addiction, many people suffering from this problem will drink until they become intoxicated. This means they consume more alcohol than their body can process at a given time. Intoxication can result in vomiting, blacking out, and other serious effects. Knowing what is cirrhosis can help you identify an issue before it becomes a problem.

Mood Disturbances

Alcohol has a powerful effect on various portions of the brain. As a result, it is common for those under the influence of alcohol to experience personality and mood swings. These changes can cause trouble in a person’s relationships with family members and coworkers.

Inability to Function Normally

Many people experiencing addiction cannot keep up with their daily tasks. They may be unable to work properly or take care of their children and home. These issues can impact virtually all areas of life, which is why it’s important to know what is cirrhosis.

Helpful Treatment Options for Addiction

If you are experiencing issues with alcohol abuse, it is important to know what alcoholism treatment options are available to you. In fact, many facilities exist that want to help you overcome these problems. Your personal treatment plan might include different forms of counseling, family interventions, and cognitive-behavioral therapy. Furthermore, a high-quality facility will be able to create a treatment plan based on your specific circumstances and needs.
Silver Pines Treatment Center is a state college addiction treatment center in Hazleton, PA. The compassionate staff at Silver Pines provide a selection of holistic therapy options based on the unique situation of each individual.
You don’t have to allow an addiction to control your life. You can triumph over addiction with the help of a rehab facility that wants to help you experience success. Call 267.209.7313 to learn how Silver Pines Treatment Center can help you get started on the path to a full recovery and a happy life. In fact, learn what is cirrhosis and overcome alcohol abuse in your life today.

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