What are Coping Mechanisms?

What are Coping Mechanisms?

What are coping mechanisms, and how do they fit into addiction and its treatment? Each person reacts to stressful times and negative emotions differently. Some people practice healthier, more positive coping mechanisms than others. Therefore, if drug and alcohol abuse has impacted your life, learn better ways to cope so that you can recover from addiction.

Specifically, What Are Coping Mechanisms?

Coping mechanisms are things people do to relieve pain or boredom in their lives. Some are positive, while others are not.
Drug and alcohol abuse is actually a coping mechanism. However, it’s not a good one. But, it’s one that many people turn to in order to relieve the pain of past trauma or a stressful time.
What are Coping Mechanisms Exactly?
When they feel overwhelmed, they drink excessively or abuse drugs. Numbing the pain is only temporary, and over time, it creates bigger problems.
If this is something you’ve done, change is possible. In addiction treatment, you’ll learn better coping skills that will transform your life.

What Are Coping Mechanisms You Can Use in Recovery?

One thing you’ll realize in recovery is that there are common triggers most people face at times. To help you remember them, specialists use the acronym H.A.L.T., or hunger, anger, loneliness, and tiredness. When people are feeling any of them, their risk of relapse increases.
However, when you’re armed with the right set of coping mechanisms, you can practice those instead of succumbing to drugs and alcohol.
Some coping mechanisms that work well in recovery include:
  • Distracting yourself: This can be anything that takes your mind off of your cravings and using, such as practicing a new hobby or listening to your favorite music
  • Leading a healthy lifestyle: Working out regularly and eating nutritious meals reduce your stress levels and keep your body fit and strong. When you feel good about yourself, you’re less tempted to use.
  • Being mindful: When you focus on the present moment, your mind has no room to re-live a painful past or worry about the future. Instead, you can examine your current feelings and then choose a healthy path.
  • Being part of a recovery community: Attend support group meetings and reach out to your sober network.
  • Giving yourself affirmative messages every day (such as “You are lovable” or “You are successful”), which make you feel good and positive.

Begin Recovery in Our Comfortable, Peaceful Setting

Silver Pines Treatment Center welcomes clients to our secluded, wooded location in Hazleton, Pennsylvania. Here, you’ll be active and engaged to work on coping mechanisms. Instead, you’ll garden, take part in work therapy and enjoy various outdoor activities.
In our home-like environment, you’ll participate in programs such as:
You can take a big step toward recovery when you reach out to our caring staff. We’ll address your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual needs as we guide you toward lasting sobriety. Call us today at 267.209.7313 to learn more. We’re here to help you develop positive coping mechanisms in your life.

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