How to Choose a Drug Treatment Center

How to Choose a Drug Treatment Center

Making the decision to seek treatment for drug or alcohol addictions is a significant step. When the time comes, you want to find a treatment center that helps you better understand your goals and provides various entry points and treatment methods as a continuum of care. Sorting through the different options can feel overwhelming, but having an understanding of your needs goes a long way in your search. As you and your family conduct research, use these tips to know you’re asking the right questions and checking the right boxes on your road to recovery.

Start With an Understanding of Your Goals

Always start by understanding what you need. When you decide to pursue recovery, you should explore the treatment methods available and consider which ones might be right for you. Set goals for where you want to be, and find out what programs can help you reach those goals.
Every treatment center specializes in different specialties and focuses, so you want to ensure the place you’re looking at can address overt and underlying issues you might be facing. Also, don’t be afraid to get input from your family members, but remember that the decision should ultimately be yours.

Research Various Treatment Centers to Learn Whether They Have the Resources You Need

Your next step should be getting a clearer picture of the treatment center you plan on working with. Many people struggling with addictions often have co-occurring conditions that require a dual-diagnosis treatment center or some other form of specialized treatment. Other patients may benefit from a broader form of treatment or something that allows them to receive treatment while also keeping up with daily responsibilities and tasks. Here are a few of the most important things to consider when researching treatment facilities.

Certifications and Licenses

Quality treatment facilities have the hardware to prove it. Make sure the facility you search for is certified by either The Joint Commission or the omission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF). You can also check out the memberships the facility has. One of the most important third-party providers to look for is LegitScript, as they use rigorous vetting processes to ensure the treatment center is worthy of advertisement.

Treatment Programs and Medical Professionals

The best treatment facilities combine comprehensive programs with different levels of evidence-based care, multiple entry points to start your recovery, and an aftercare program. Make sure the facilities offer a variety of medical and clinical professionals, including doctors, counselors, nurses, psychologists, nutritionists, wellness specialists, and more. These professionals can provide experience and guidance through evidence-based practices and treatment programs covering all addictive substances and rehabilitation techniques.

Familial Support

Addiction is a disease that doesn’t just affect the person with it. It also affects the people around them, often their family members and close friends or loved ones. Therefore, treatment centers should incorporate your family into the recovery process and provide ways for each party to work through the situations they’re experiencing, rebuild trust, and set appropriate boundaries for recovery.

Specialized Treatment

No two addictions are the same. Specialized treatment options include things like sober living homes or dual-diagnosis treatment programs that treat addiction and mental health conditions like anxiety or depression that often come paired with an addiction. Specialized treatment ensures you get the proper diagnosis and support for anything that may be hard to see on the surface.

Ask the Right Questions

Make sure you speak to the treatment center you’ll be working with. This is where you can get a firsthand view of the treatment and care that can be expected. It also allows you to ask plenty of questions to make sure the team is a fit for you. The valuable information you can acquire from asking the right questions should never be underestimated, so come prepared with your own, and incorporate the following into your list as well:
  • How will you tailor treatment to my needs?
  • What can I expect from rehab?
  • Do you have medication-assisted treatment plans?
  • How will you judge my progress?
  • How do you manage care post-rehab?

Are You Looking for the Right Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment Center? Look No Further Than Silver Pines

It’s not easy to know what kind of treatment you need, nor is it easy to pick out the right treatment center. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. With the right information, you can align yourself with a diverse group of mental health professionals, all with one goal — to help you recover.
That’s what makes Silver Pines Treatment Center one of Pennsylvania’s best drug and alcohol addiction treatment facilities. With quality addiction treatment programs and various resources and tools for support, Silver Pines makes it easier to find your path to recovery. Contact us today or give us a call at 267.209.7313 and get one step closer to enjoying the life you deserve.


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