What to Look For in Drug Treatment Centers

What to Look For in Drug Treatment Centers

If you’ve already decided to pursue drug treatment for addiction, congratulations! That’s the first step towards the recovery you deserve. Next, you’ll need to explore what types of recovery options drug treatment centers offer. Below are some of the most important things to look for. 

Detox and Rehab Programs

Recovering from a drug addiction is a multi-step process. First, patients need to complete a detox. Following a detox program, patients will transition into rehab. Many patients find it convenient to have both treatments in a single location.

The alternative is to complete detox in one facility and then move to another center for treatment and therapy. While this is okay for some, having it in one place makes the process a little easier. It also means patients are more likely to have 24/7 medical attention further along in their treatment. 

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Structured Environment

Flexibility and freedom are desirable in many areas of life. In addiction treatment, however, they are not. The best way to approach treatment is with a routine and a set schedule. A structured environment is key to successful recovery.

Structure in rehab accomplishes several goals. First, it means that patients have to make fewer decisions. When everything is laid out in front of them, patients can focus on recovery rather than schedules.

In addition, structure helps establish new habits that carry over to life after treatment. Patients who start each day with meditation and a healthy breakfast will likely continue that routine in the months and years to come. This is vital for anyone who wants to stick to their healthy habits for a lifetime.

Emphasis on Meaningful Individual Therapy

Whether patients struggle with alcohol use, prescription drug abuse or illegal drugs, evidence-based therapy is critical to recovery. Meaningful addiction treatment therapy treats the cause of addiction, not just its symptoms.

For many patients, trauma therapy can resolve serious issues from the past. Through this intensive approach to healing, it’s possible to minimize the risk of relapse in the future. Group therapy and dual diagnosis therapy may also be beneficial.

Drug Treatment Centers Should Focus on Relapse Prevention

Sometimes, treatment can feel like a hamster wheel. Many patients get help, relapse and find themselves in the treatment cycle again. For this reason, patients should look for centers that focus on relapse prevention.

Relapse prevention starts with knowing individual triggers. Then, patients can create their own effective coping mechanisms. Alumni groups, plans for ongoing care, and support systems can also make a positive difference.

Amenities for Fitness, Recreation and Spiritual Development

Evidence-based treatment is key, but there’s so much more than can help patients achieve recovery. A range of amenities means more opportunities to stay active, develop new hobbies and socialize with peers. Some amenities and holistic treatment opportunities to look for might include: If you’re sifting through drug treatment centers, consider Silver Pines Treatment outside of Hazleton, Pennsylvania. The right program can help you achieve recovery and maintain it for a lifetime. Call 267.209.7313 to begin your journey to better health and happiness today.

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