Mindfulness Therapy Services

Mindfulness Therapy Services

Addiction affects every aspect of your life. Your body, mind, and spirit all come under attack when you abuse drugs or alcohol. When going through rehab, it’s not enough just to heal the body. It’s important to heal the mind and spirit, too. That’s where mindfulness therapy can greatly benefit anyone who’s seeking long-term recovery from addictive substances.
Mindfulness therapy

What Is Mindfulness Therapy?

Taking a mindfulness approach to addiction rehab teaches you to concentrate on the present moment. Instead of thinking of the past or the future, clients will only focus on their present recovery.

One of the most common mindfulness therapy techniques is meditation. However, you can try other activities in silence, such as yoga, light stretching, or hiking through nature. The main idea is to zero in on your thoughts and emotions as you feel them.

By only concentrating on the present, you won’t focus on what could happen in the future. Instead, you place all your energy into focusing on your breathing and how your body feels.

Gradually, you’ll gain a greater awareness of your emotions and thoughts. You’ll learn that you have a huge amount of control over your actions. When you focus on where you are in the moment, you don’t worry about what comes next.

Mindfulness as a Component in Rehab

How can this type of therapy help you in rehab? First, the more you practice mindfulness as part of your recovery, the better you’ll become at it. When cravings hit you, use the technique to fully examine your feelings that relate to the craving.

Addiction causes people to avoid their problems. Moreover, they find temporary escape in drugs or alcohol. Mindfulness therapy, on the other hand, teaches you to examine your problems. You might not be able to fix them. However, you can think about how they make you feel.

You can’t control everything that happens in your life, and you definitely can’t control what others do. In this case, focus on what you can control, such as your thoughts. Even examining negative emotions can be helpful. It’s okay to feel the way you feel. Use mindfulness to find better ways to channel your anger or your sadness.

Over time, you’ll stop thinking, “When can I drink next?” Instead, you’ll recognize your cravings, accept them, and make a conscious decision to not drink.

Not all rehab facilities place an emphasis on mindfulness. If this is important to you, make sure you choose a treatment center that offers this type of therapy.

Begin Your Recovery in Peace

Silver Pines Treatment Center is an addiction treatment facility that offers inpatient and outpatient rehab. We strongly believe in taking a holistic approach to treatment so that you can experience whole-body healing. Our facility is located in northeastern Pennsylvania. Here, you’ll experience peaceful seclusion. During your stay with us, you can spend time enjoying the serene, natural surroundings. Addiction treatment programs include: To help you focus on becoming healthy, we provide a well-rounded nutrition plan. You’ll grow stronger physically and mentally. Furthermore, you can take part in enjoyable activities, such as yoga and indoor or outdoor exercise. Best of all, you’ll do all of this in a comfortable, home-like atmosphere. Our trained staff will work hard to make you feel supported and valued. You deserve a bright, sober future. Give yourself a great chance at recovery by joining us at Silver Pines. We can help you overcome an addiction to opioids, alcohol, meth, heroin, prescription pills, and more. Contact us today at 267.209.7313 to learn more about us and this life-changing opportunity.
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