How Rehab Facilities Work

How Rehab Facilities Work

If you or someone you care about is ready to end addiction once and for all, then rehab is the right choice. Although most people know the end goal of rehab, they don’t always understand the process. Knowing what to expect from rehab facilities can help clients and their loved ones prepare for recovery at Silver Pines Treatment Center.
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Starting With the Pre-Admission Process

Often, the hardest step in addiction recovery is deciding to seek help. Once you’ve decided that you’re ready to move forward, the best thing to do is begin the pre-admission process. You can either do begin admissions online or over the phone. This process is a chance for rehab staff to learn more about you and your health.

To start, the staff will find out what substances you’re addicted to and how long you’ve been using them. They’ll also include questions about your physical and mental health. Often, family members help with this process, answering questions honestly for the best results.

Identifying the Need for Detox

With the information that staff gathers in pre-admission, they can determine whether you’re going to need a formal detox. Some clients are already through withdrawal, and they might be able to transition straight to rehab. Others, however, are actively using their substances of choice. In these cases, detox is a necessity.
The rehab process isn’t a good starting point for individuals who haven’t gone through withdrawal yet. Withdrawal symptoms will be distracting, and you may not get the attention or medical support you need. Fortunately, Silver Pines Treatment Centers offers detox right on site. Clients can complete their detox and then move to the rehab portion of the recovery process.

Creating a Personalized and Structured Plan for Treatment

Rehab facilities exist for all kinds of clients, but no two clients will need the exact same addiction treatment plan. That’s why it’s so important to find a facility that creates unique plans that reflect the needs, health, and goals of each person.
Some clients might want lots of family involvement. Family education and regular family therapy can help clients to strengthen bonds and rebuild relationships. Of course, not all clients have family members that are able or willing to participate. Having the flexibility to tailor a plan to meet a client’s needs means every person gets the care they deserve.

Rehab Focuses on Evidence-Based Treatments and Therapies

Rehab works best when facilities use evidence-based treatments. The most common of these treatments typically include behavioral therapy, individual talk therapy, and group therapy.
Through dialectical behavioral therapies and cognitive behavioral therapies, clients can change their mindset. Instead of dwelling on the negative or having an all-or-nothing mentality, they can incorporate positive behavioral changes. Individual talk therapy and group therapy can also focus on the process of recovery, explore underlying issues and work to prevent relapse in the future.

The Best Rehab Centers Offer Activities and Holistic Therapies

In addition to an evidence-based approach, rehab should offer plenty of experiential and holistic treatments for clients. These activities can give clients a sense of normalcy and boost self-esteem. Some therapies encourage a strong work ethic, and others are fantastic stress relief. At Silver Pines Treatment Center, some of our top holistic approach and experiential therapies include:
Rehab facilities work because they follow an evidence-based approach, but also because they customize treatment for each client. At Silver Pines Treatment Center in Pennsylvania, a comprehensive approach offers lasting results for a lifetime of sobriety. Begin working toward recovery today by calling 267.209.7313.
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