Opium Addiction Rehab Program

Opium Addiction Rehab Program

Using opium can take over every aspect of a person’s life. This drug can plague their mental and physical health. Their work and personal relationships suffer. Their best hope is to pursue treatment with an opium addiction rehab program. Addiction is a disease and requires treatment aimed at holistic improvements for a person. Rehab centers can help a person get rid of an addiction to opium and return to a normal life. They receive meaningful care from detox to modern therapeutic approaches.

What is Opium?

Opium is made from white liquid found in a poppy plant. It comes in different forms when taken as a drug of abuse. Some people use it as a liquid solution while others take it in a sticky, tar-like solid form. Still, others may use a brown, fine powder.

If unrefined, opium is either taken orally or smoked. Some people may choose to use a needle to inject the drug or inhale the powder form. The effects can begin as euphoria and end as a calm drowsiness.

Risks of Using Opium

Large doses of opium can cause slowed breathing and eventually lead to unconsciousness and death. Other effects may include:

  • Confusion
  • Constipation
  • Dry mouth
  • Mucous membranes
  • Nausea

Combining opium with other substances like alcohol or barbiturates increases the risk of respiratory depression. That is because this life-threatening condition depresses the central nervous system.

Overcoming after long-term use gets harder because the person develops a drug tolerance. They need more opium to get similar euphoric effects. Physical dependence and addiction is not far behind.

Stopping or reducing long-term use should occur in an opium addiction rehab program. Watchful care can help to minimize the effects of withdrawal symptoms.

Signs a Person Has an Opium Addiction

Signs that a person may need an opium addiction rehab program are first revealed in their activities. Moreover, they may stop participating in recreational, social or occupational activities for a chance to use opium.

A person may begin spending more time trying to obtain and use opium. Recovering from the effects that linger will also take a long time.

Continued use can lead to them using larger amounts over a longer time period. Although this is not their intent, they are unable to stop or control how much and how often they use. Home, work or school obligations begin to suffer unless the person seeks treatment.

Getting the Best Treatment from an Opium Addiction Rehab Program

Treatment for opium addiction can help to alleviate psychological and physical dependencies. Different options can place a person a few steps away from a healthy and happy drug free life. The best outcomes from opium addiction treatment occurs when a program focuses on a person’s unique needs.

Each person will have a different path to becoming addicted to opium. Some have a history of trauma and substance use to cope with a frightening event. Others have different reasons that led them to become addicted.

However, all have a chance to set goals for a personalized treatment plan. Included in the best combination is detoxification. Specifically, this first step focuses on withdrawal symptoms and gradually overcoming physical dependence.

Treating the psychological aspects of opium addiction is the next step. Furthermore, a person receives individual and group therapy to reveal underlying reasons that led to using opium.

Take Back Your Life

The right rehab program helps to improve a person’s chances against relapse. Therefore, Silver Pines Treatment Center offers a safe place to address issues that may contribute to addiction.
We also offer a heroin addiction rehab program if someone struggles with more than one substance use disorder. For example, our programs include:

Take control of opium abuse and take back your life. Call 267.209.7313 now. We offer the opium addiction rehab program you need on your road to recovery.

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