Heroin Addiction Rehab Benefits

Heroin Addiction Rehab Benefits

Deciding to seek treatment is a major step in the right direction toward sobriety. Moreover, getting into a good rehab puts you on the right path for strong recovery. However, what are heroin rehab benefits and how can you make the most of your heroin rehab experience?
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Statistics of Recovery Don’t Lie

According to recent studies, heroin rehab helps you stay in recovery. Furthermore, it provides the right foundation for a better life. In rehab, you gain the tools, tactics, and skills you need to stay sober. Using these methods increases your chance of lifelong recovery with each passing day.

The National Center for Biotechnology Information of the National Institutes of Health published findings of a study that followed almost 1,200 people in recovery for eight years. Their findings showed that one-third of people who remained free of drugs or alcohol for under a year remained sober. Under half of those who reached one year of sobriety relapsed. At the fifth year of sobriety, only 15 percent risked relapse.

As you can see, the longer you stay sober, the better your chances of achieving lifelong sobriety. For example, rehab gives you the tools you need for this achievement. Without rehab, you risk falling back on drugs and alcohol because you lack the awareness, understanding, and coping skills to stay sober.

Residential heroin rehab benefits include starting your recovery with clear boundaries. You face few, if any, temptations in treatment. You suffer no distractions from the outside world and gain the around-the-clock support you need. In addition, there is a clear parallel between how long you stay in rehab treatment and how long you stay in recovery, according to NIDA’s 2012 Principles of Drug Addiction Treatment: A Research-Based Guide.

Benefits of Heroin Addiction Rehab

Residential addiction treatment programs for heroin, starting with heroin detox, provide you with the safe environment you need to end opiate abuse. In detox, you do not risk relapse or deadly overdose when the going gets tough. Relapse prevention is made easier through the right professional support, care, and medical treatment. After detox, you gain addiction treatment therapies needed to change how your brain responds to your triggers and temptations for better mental health.
Moreover, you start rebuilding your physical wellness in rehab, too. This is a big benefit of residential treatment. Additionally, you learn and use yoga, work therapy, outdoor activities, and nutrition to gain physical strength and better health. At some rehabs, like Silver Pines Treatment Center, you enjoy the benefit of an on-site gym for physical exertion and wellness.
Rehab at Silver Pines Treatment Center in Hazelton, PA is a safe, home-like atmosphere where you gain emotional strength. Your emotions must recover as much as your physical, mental and spiritual self.
Being in heroin rehabilitation will help you rebuild relationships, particularly within your family. In fact, everyone in your family suffers from one’s heroin addiction. Taking advantage of the family program of rehab helps your family begin again.

Hazelton, Pennsylvania Rehab for Heroin

Are you searching for lasting recovery from heroin? If so, you need to start that recovery on the right foot. Specifically, you need strength, wellness, and balance in your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual being. Silver Pines Treatment Center provides a supportive and encouraging atmosphere for you to achieve personal treatment goals of recovery.
Programs at Silver Pines Treatment Center include:
Silver Pines Treatment Center is the safe, natural setting you need to gain lasting recovery. Call Silver Pines Treatment Center now at 267.209.7313 to learn more about available addiction treatment programs.
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