PA Ecstasy Rehab Program

PA Ecstasy Rehab Program

Ecstasy, also known as Molly or MDMA, is a popular and easy to obtain drug. The drive for enhanced senses, euphoria and physical closeness can quickly spiral into an addiction. Treatment from a PA ecstasy rehab program combats those intoxicating effects.

Why Someone Needs a PA Ecstasy Rehab Program

The assumption is that ecstasy is safe because its effects are not as severe as other illicit drugs. A person’s high can last for about five hours but does not end their desire for ecstasy. Consuming it causes substantial risks to their mental and physical health.

Risks of severe physical damage increases each time a person takes ecstasy. These risks include heatstroke, heart failure and kidney failure. An overdose of ecstasy can be deadly.

Most ecstasy pills are cut with other toxic substances. This means the person never knows what is inside. They could expose their body to additional harm from unknown substances.

Going to a safe rehab helps ensure they receive an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan. Addiction specialists can provide care that targets the negative effects ecstasy has on a person.

Warning Signs Before Entering a PA Ecstasy Rehab Program

Behavioral and psychological drug dependence manifests through different warning signs. Overall, recognizing these common symptoms of misusing ecstasy is an important step for getting treatment.
For example, notable behavioral changes include:

  • Sleep disturbances
  • Hostile mood
  • Fatigue and memory loss
  • Aggression and overall impulsiveness
  • Loss of appetite

Anxiety and depression are examples of the psychological effects of ecstasy addiction. In fact, developing a reliance on ecstasy contributes to these mental health disorders. The body cannot produce enough serotonin on its own.

A person loses their ability to produce happiness and positive feelings without the drug. Therefore, they become overwhelmed with negative emotions and destructive thoughts.

Treatment at a PA Ecstasy Rehab Program

Specifically, the continuum of care for ecstasy addiction may include:

Tailoring treatment plans to individual needs maximizes the help a person receives. Moreover, beginning treatment with medically monitored detox ensures quick management of any complications. Doctors keep a close eye on how the person responds to treatment.

They make a note of the person’s body temperature and hydration levels. Doctors watch for changes and responsiveness in the pupils. It can take three or four days before toxins from ecstasy clear a person’s system.

Severity and length of detoxing from ecstasy depends on how long a person abused this drug. Abusing other drugs while taking ecstasy also factor into their rehab experience. Treating co-occurring disorders is critical for a successful recovery.

Completing an ecstasy rehab program is not the end of treatment. In addition, a person will need continued support as they reenter the world free from a dependence and addiction to ecstasy.

Treatment during rehab helps them establish sober living habits. Aftercare encourages maintaining what they learned. A focus on relapse prevention minimizes the biggest threat to recovery.

Live a Better Life after Rehab

The goal of a PA ecstasy rehab program is getting your life under control. Being driven by the need for this illicit drug has altered your outlook on life. Once enjoyable interests and relationships no longer matter. Let Silver Pines Treatment Center help you find your way back.

We understand why some people get caught in an addiction. Our treatment programs address these issues so we can reverse the effects of a toxic substance like ecstasy.

Don’t let drug addiction keep you from a satisfying and happy life. Take the first step and call us at 267.209.7313. We are here to help you start the journey to complete recovery.

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