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Benzodiazepines, also known as benzos, are prescription drugs that doctors prescribe to treat conditions like anxiety, seizures and panic attacks. Despite some medical benefits to the right patients, some people abuse these drugs. Sadly, this abuse can lead to benzo addiction. Find out what an addiction to benzos looks like and how clients can overcome it with benzo addiction rehab at Silver Pines Treatment Center.
benzo addiction

Recreational Use of Benzos

There are two major groups of people who abuse drugs like benzos. One of these groups is people who don’t have a prescription for benzodiazepines. They have no legitimate medical reason to consume these drugs but do so for recreational or relaxation purposes.
Since many benzodiazepines are sedatives, users might rely on them for a way to unwind or feel tired. A few of the benzos that people most commonly abuse include Xanax, Valium and Ambien. Unfortunately, taking drugs without a prescription means there’s far greater potential for both abuse and addiction.
If you aren’t taking benzos because of a medical recommendation, you might not know how much to take. Guessing your dosage can be dangerous, and it definitely increases the chance of a drug overdose. Even worse, many people mix benzodiazepines with other substances to increase the effects. Combining benzos with alcohol or cocaine can be very risky, and it could cause individuals to develop an addiction more quickly.

Medical Use That Becomes Addiction

Even if you have a prescription from a doctor for benzodiazepines, you can still develop a benzo addiction. Long-term use of these prescription drugs can lead to a dependence. Addiction is even more likely if you adjust the dosage on your own or attempt to take more of the drug at certain times.
When you consistently take benzodiazepines, your body can develop a dependency to a specific dosage. When that happens, your tolerance can begin to change. While one pill may have been enough to calm you down, prevent anxiety or manage seizures in the past, you might start to need more. Upping your dosage, especially if you do so without medical supervision, is a sign that you’re developing an addiction.
Others intentionally abuse prescription benzodiazepines by saving doses to take more at once for a stronger effect. If your doctor tells you to take one pill a day, but you take three at once, then you can expect negative side effects. This can lead to doctor shopping, or obtaining multiple prescriptions in order to up your dosage.

Signs and Symptoms of a Benzo Addiction

It isn’t always easy to identify a benzo addiction in yourself or in a loved one. If you’re taking overlapping prescriptions or doctor shopping, then there’s a good chance that you’re already struggling with an addiction.
Many of the signs of a benzodiazepine addiction are psychological rather than physical. Individuals struggling with addiction might notice an increase in drowsiness, vivid and disturbing dreams, lapses in memory, blurred vision or poor coordination, among others.

Overcoming Addiction with Benzo Addiction Rehab Services

If you want to overcome an addiction to benzodiazepines, Silver Pines Treatment Center can help. With a full continuum of care that starts with detox and then transitions to rehab, we offer help every step of the way. A wide range of addiction treatment therapy choices are available, including:

A benzo addiction is challenging to overcome, but you can break free with the right help. At Silver Pines Treatment Center near Hazleton, Pennsylvania, you’ll have the tools and support you need to get sober. Embrace recovery and call 267.209.7313 for more information.

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