Bath Salts Addiction Concerns

Bath Salts Addiction Concerns

Some of the most dangerous drugs are man-made substances. One example is synthetic cathinones, which most people know as bath salts. Numerous concerns surround bath salts addiction. The more that people know about it, the easier that it is for them to protect themselves and loved ones.
Do you Have Bath Salts Addiction Concerns?

What Is Bath Salts?

Regarding drugs, the term “bath salts” doesn’t refer to products such as Epsom salt that people add to baths. This misinterpretation is actually quite common. As drugs, bath salts is the street name for synthetic cathinones.

This human-made substance tries to imitate cathinone, a chemical that naturally occurs in the khat plant. These plants are native to Arabia and Africa. The peoples of these nations often chew on the leaves for a mild stimulant effect.

With that said, the man-made version of this drug is much more powerful. In addition, it’s far more dangerous. It’s also worth noting that this substance has many names other than bath salts. Some of these include cloud nine, flakka and lunar wave.

Why Do People Use Bath Salts?

People use bath salts because they like the way that it makes them feel. As a stimulant, this substance makes them more social, so it’s a popular party drug. At the same time, it gives them more energy and boosts their sex drive.
The drug can also make people hallucinate, which experts consider to be a side effect. However, users admit that it’s one of the main reasons why they use bath salts. They like the alternate reality that bath salts creates for them.
Dangers of Bath Salts Addiction
The first thing that people need to know is that bath salts are very addictive. It doesn’t take long to develop an addiction. In fact, studies suggest that it’s possible after just one use.
The dangers that come with using bath salts are pretty extreme. At low doses, the substance can cause paranoia, anxiety and depression. It can even cause thoughts of suicide, heart attacks, strokes and seizures.
However, one of the biggest dangers is hallucinations. While some people take the drug to enjoy this affect, the imagery can make them react in unpredictable ways. There are stories of people attacking police and even trying to eat other people as a result.

Get Help for Bath Salts Today at Silver Pines Treatment Center

At Silver Pines Treatment Center, we can help you overcome bath salts addiction. In fact, we offer a wide range of addiction treatment services. These services also allow us to help you overcome drugs such as heroin, alcohol and cocaine. For example, a few of them include:
Through insurance verification, you learn what types of therapy and programs are available to you through your policy. Such programs and therapies usually include:
In addition, Silver Pines Treatment Center offers dual diagnosis treatment. This service allows us to help you deal with addiction and underlying mental conditions at the same time. In fact, it’s more common for people to suffer from co-occurring disorders than not. Our dual diagnosis treatment improves the rate of ongoing recovery from addiction and mental health illness.
Learn more about the dangers of bath salts addiction. Find the help that you need at Silver Pines Treatment Center too. Call us today at 267.209.7313 for more information.
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