Common Withdrawal Symptoms

Common Withdrawal Symptoms

Many people who struggle with drug or alcohol abuse want to get clean, but pesky withdrawal symptoms make it difficult to resist more abuse. These physical and mental symptoms begin to occur shortly after an individual abruptly stops or reduces their intake of a particular substance. If you are having difficulty overcoming addiction because of the complicated withdrawal process, there is help available that can get you over this hump. Successful and lasting recovery is attainable, and it is closer than you might dream possible.

Why do Withdrawal Symptoms Occur?

When an individual abuses a mind-altering substance for an extended period of time or in heavy volumes, the risk for developing a dependency increases. Drug dependence can be in the form of physical or psychological dependence, and both types can produce withdrawal symptoms.
common withdrawal symptoms

Withdrawal is the body’s reaction to the sudden cessation of drugs in its system. As the body tries to restore itself to its regular functions, it reacts by acting chaotically. Symptoms typically occur in phases and can begin within as little as a few hours after the last dosage.

The symptoms and their timelines will vary in severity depending on the type of drug that is being consumed, the length of time it was abused, and in what doses.

Other factors that determine the severity and duration of withdrawal include the method of abuse, family history, and genetic risk factors, and medical and mental health factors relating to the user. As with most diseases, the longer a person waits to seek treatment for their addiction, the more difficult it is to treat.

For example, opioid withdrawal symptoms include anxiety, sweating, vomiting, and diarrhea. Alcohol withdrawal symptoms include irritability, shaking, tremors and seizures. Cocaine withdrawal generally produces feelings of depression and restlessness that can become overwhelmingly intense.

Other general withdrawal symptoms include:

  • Headache
  • Fatigue
  • Difficulty concentrating; mental cloudiness
  • Muscle aches

Professional Help for Addiction

If you or a loved one is fighting an addiction to a mind-altering substance, there is professional help available that can help you end the abuse. Our facility, Silver Pines Treatment Center, near Hazleton, Pennsylvania, has excellent treatment plans and services designed to help individuals get clean and remain committed to lifetime sobriety. Our home-like facility is the perfect place to de-stress and focus on restoring yourself, physically and emotionally.

A few addiction treatment programs offered at Silver Pines Treatment Center include:

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If addiction is threatening to destroy your life, you can take steps to change the course of your future. With quality treatment and supportive guidance, you can overcome addiction and learn how to live without drugs and alcohol. Call 267.209.7313 today to talk to one of our intervention specialists and begin your journey to recovery.

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