Why Do People Who Are Addicted to Meth Rock Back and Forth?

Why Do People Who Are Addicted to Meth Rock Back and Forth?

When interacting with someone addicted to methamphetamines, some tell-tale signs can point to a substance abuse problem. Several physical symptoms present themselves for various reasons, but one of the most common and often associated indications of someone suffering from addiction remains rocking back and forth.

While you may have thought that this particular symptom came from the mind of a Hollywood writer that wanted to have a physical sign that a character has a substance abuse disorder without overtly explaining it, it’s so much more. Rocking back and forth remains a common physical indication, but what’s the reason behind it? Why do people who are addicted to meth rock back and forth?

How Meth Affects the Central Nervous System

Meth directly affects our central nervous system, the complex array of neurotransmitters that help us perform everyday tasks. It governs everything from thinking to feeling and interacting with the world. Increased exposure to the drug affects our flight or fight response, causing an uptick in blood pressure, heart rate, and various other aspects of our bodies. People can feel increased alertness, energy, curiosity, and emotions. 

It binds quickly to multiple biochemical receptors and pathways. The longer the person suffers from the addiction, the more likely they need higher doses to feel the same effects. As they continue to build a tolerance, the desire to take more and more becomes the overriding thought in their minds. 

Explaining the Back and Forth Motion

For those addicted to meth, the physical side effects include losing motor and limb control. Referred to as “tweaking,” these erratic movements can cause a wide range of issues with the person’s daily activities. Everything from your neck, face, arms, and legs exhibits a rhythmic quality. 

These types of movement disorders don’t have as much concrete data surrounding them. Still, in the studies that have been conducted, it appears that additional factors are at play than merely someone with a substance abuse disorder. 

It appears that underlying conditions, such as Sydenham’s, Huntington’s, and Lupus, can exacerbate the rocking motion for people with a meth addiction. These diseases all have a noticeable effect on the central nervous system, compounded with the effects caused by meth abuse can make the motions that much more pronounced. 

How Long Do These Symptoms Last for Someone in Recovery?

When you or someone you love enter a substance abuse treatment center, understanding how long these symptoms can persist will give you a good idea of what to expect. Of course, it can vary on a case-by-case basis, but how long these physical motions can linger for a long time.

For people who have suffered from meth addiction for an extended period, it can take a long time for your brain chemistry to recover fully — if ever in some extreme cases. However, a personalized treatment program can help make your journey a smoother one.

Silver Pines Treatment Center has helped countless patients with their meth addiction rehab in Mahanoy City, PA, and ensures they have the compassionate and caring support they need for a sustainable recovery. We work individually with each patient to understand their unique needs and help them with each stage of the process. Please don’t wait to contact us if you or someone you love suffers from meth addiction. Learn more about our treatment services and admissions process today by calling us at 267.209.7313.


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