Meth Addiction Rehab

Meth Addiction Rehab

Methamphetamine goes by many names, including meth, ice, and crystal. Whatever you call it, there’s no denying the danger of a meth addiction. Fortunately, overcoming addiction is entirely possible. It simply requires the right addiction treatment program, such as a meth addiction treatment program.
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Signs and Symptoms of a Meth Addiction

It’s not always easy to admit to or acknowledge a meth addiction. Whether the addiction is your own or a loved one’s, learning to spot the signs of a meth addiction and admit the issue sooner can be life-saving.

Some of the most obvious signs of meth addiction are the outwardly visible physical symptoms. After using meth, users may have dilated pupils and a clenched jaw. Weight loss is also common and easy to recognize.

Those addicted to meth might also struggle with faster breathing, loss of appetite or intestinal distress. Vomiting, diarrhea and abdominal cramping are all possibilities as well. Heavy users of methamphetamines may experience headaches, dry mouth, extreme sweating and trouble sleeping.

In the long term, meth addiction can also lead to more severe noticeable symptoms. These may include serious dental health problems, sores on the skin, cardiac arrest and seizures.

Not all signs of a meth addiction are physical. Behavioral changes also often occur. Meth can contribute to chronic irritability, paranoia or unpredictable behavior. Users may also struggle with relationships, finances, careers and other responsibilities.

Detoxing From A Meth Addiction

Once you or your loved one acknowledge a meth addiction, then the next step is to seek help. Before clients can successfully undergo therapy, they need to drug detox from meth. This means stopping all consumption of the drug in a medically supervised setting. This process initiates withdrawal, which often comes with unpleasant side effects. Symptoms can often include cravings, insomnia, nausea, vomiting, increased blood pressure, shaking or extreme sweating. Fortunately, this won’t last for an extended period of time. Most clients are physically free from a dependence on meth within 10 days. Beyond discomfort, withdrawal from meth can mean clients need 24/7 medical care. Even less severe conditions, such as an increased heart rate, have to be monitored. In a meth addiction treatment facility, clients get around-the-clock support during this time and beyond. Additionally, medical professionals can minimize the discomfort of withdrawal symptoms.

Drug Addiction Rehab Treatment

A comprehensive approach is necessary to successfully treat an addiction to meth. This means utilizing the best evidence-based methods available as well as a healthy dose of holistic therapies. One-on-one behavioral therapy, or other forms of talk therapy, are critical for clients. These therapy sessions can get to the heart of why individuals developed an addiction in the first place. It can also focus on establishing coping mechanisms for the future. Furthermore, therapy can address a history of trauma and how it relates to drug abuse. Other forms of therapy may involve the family. Group therapy sessions are also a fantastic way to share experiences and socialize with peers.

Choosing the Best Treatment for Meth Addiction

The Silver Pines meth recovery program offers a comprehensive addiction treatment plan. Additionally, we offer a structured setting that retains plenty of comfort and warmth. Extra amenities and therapies can make all the difference, as well. Some of our holistic and experiential therapies include:
  • Meth addiction can feel overwhelming, but treatment is available. High-quality programs like those at Silver Pines Treatment Center can pave the way to lasting sobriety. Contact us at 267.209.7313 today for your path to recovery.

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