What Is Generational Alcoholism?

What Is Generational Alcoholism?

People with alcoholism can come in all shapes, sizes, and age ranges. While the discourse around generational alcoholism often centered around what is happening presently, many studies have been done regarding genetics’ role in developing the disease. The term “generational alcoholism” has been discussed in many circles, but what does the term actually mean? What exactly is generational alcoholism, and do you treat it any differently?

Defining Generational Alcoholism

Conditions like alcoholism have a tendency to affect generations of families in far-reaching ways. If one person in the family suffers from alcoholism, the chances increase that their offspring will suffer from it. Generational alcoholism can go through entire generations of a given family, causing untold destruction that makes it more difficult for the family to heal and move on with their lives. Understanding the factors that go into this type of alcohol use disorder can help you better treat the condition and show compassion for those suffering.

Potential Causes of Generational Alcoholism

For many people looking to understand generational alcoholism, determining the potential causes is vital. The role that your immediate home environment and genetic makeup play could prove crucial in understanding its effects. Generational alcoholism can be tied to either the person growing up in a home in the presence of someone with alcoholism or having a genetic predisposition to alcohol addiction .
While science and the medical field can’t say with 100% certainty which has the more significant impact, it is still safe to say that they each contribute to generational alcoholism.

Children Learning From Parents

Young children are sponges during their early development stages. They look at the world around them and soak everything in, and their first significant influence is their parents. If they get exposed to normalized heavy drinking habits, it can lead to them having earlier experimental experiences with alcohol and having different views of its use as time moves on. In addition, if they aren’t shown the adverse side effects of someone suffering from alcoholism, they can be more likely to develop the habit themselves.

Is There a Single Alcohol Disorder Gene?

While genetics can play a significant role in whether someone develops an alcohol use disorder, scientists have found that there isn’t a single genetic marker that indicates a predisposition to alcoholism. However, multiple genes can be handed down over generations, making it more likely that the disorder can develop. Additionally, living with inherited mental health disorders can potentially increase the likelihood of developing the condition. 

How to Treat Generational Alcoholism

Simply because you may have been at a higher risk for generational alcoholism through a combination of your environment and genetics doesn’t mean that you don’t have treatment options at your disposal. Finding an alcohol treatment center in Mahanoy City, PA, can help people suffering from this condition find the help and support they need to begin their recovery. Our personalized programs provide coping mechanisms, support systems, and more to help them break the cycle of generational alcoholism.
Silver Pines Treatment Center specializes in providing an array of personalized treatment programs in Mahanoy City, PA, that get to the core of the patient’s issues and figure out how to best treat these conditions. So if you or a loved one needs our services, please don’t wait. Contact us267.209.7313 to learn more about our treatment programs and admissions process.


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