What Is Gender Specific Rehab?

What Is Gender Specific Rehab?

Are you ready to take the important step toward recovery from drug and alcohol addiction? In fact, deciding on a rehab facility isn’t always simple. You want a treatment center that meets your individual needs, and you want to feel comfortable there. Maybe you’ve heard of gender-specific addiction treatment. However, what is gender specific rehab, and is it right for you?

Specifically What Is Gender Specific Rehab?

Some rehabs are men- or women-only. Other gender-focused rehabs are co-ed, but they have gender-specific housing and/or counseling sessions. Both types can be beneficial.

However, which is right for you? It depends on your background and particular needs.

What Is Gender Specific Rehab
For instance, some women do better in a women-only environment due to codependency or abuse issues. Therefore, it’s best for them to avoid the distractions and discomfort of trying to recover with men around. This allows them to fully focus on their recovery, increasing their chances of success.
Men and women usually have different reasons for drug and alcohol abuse. Furthermore, they also react differently to addiction. In gender-specific settings, clients can work with counselors on addiction issues that often affect one sex vs. the other. When asking, what is gender specific rehab, it’s important to recognize your specific needs in treatment.

Benefits of Gender Specific Rehab

Not everyone wants to attend gender specific rehab, but it does offer the following benefits for people who need them:
  • Offers a great sense of safety and security
  • Address gender-specific addiction issues
  • Makes clients feel more relaxed
  • Encourages open communication and sharing
  • Fosters connection and support
What is gender specific rehab most useful for? In fact, both men and women are often more comfortable and willing to open up to members of the same sex.
Women coping with past sexual abuse may feel uncomfortable  discussing it with men present. Likewise, men usually face pressures they feel other men are uniquely qualified to understand and sympathize with. Also, for men who have suffered sexual abuse, they may feel more comfortable talking about it without women around.
When both sexes openly communicate in safe settings, they participate more in the treatment process. Therefore, they give and receive support while learning from each other. All of this contributes to their healing from addiction.

A Sober, Healthy Future Is Waiting for You

At Silver Pines Treatment Center, you can make changes toward a better, brighter future. Our addiction treatment facility is near Hazelton, Pennsylvania. We want you to feel at home here. Moreover, our holistic approach to treatment involves an array of outdoor activities and nutritional support.
For example, the programs we offer include:
Now that you know what is gender specific rehab, it’s time to seek help. In fact, you don’t have to wait another moment to change your life. Reach out to our friendly team today at 267.209.7313, and we’ll walk with you on the road to recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.

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