What Are the Effects of Meth on Women?

What Are the Effects of Meth on Women?

In both men and women, methamphetamine use has steadily risen over the years. This debilitating drug has affected communities across the country, but how men and women respond to long-term abuse can differ greatly. Understanding how a person’s sex can influence meth abuse disorders can help determine what kind of treatment will work best for them. So what are the effects of meth on women, and how does it differ from men?

Potential Long-Term Effects of Meth on Both Men and Women

When it comes to meth addiction, the short-term effects might get the most of the headlines, but the long-term ones are more devastating. While the immediate symptoms include a loss of appetite, increased heart rate, erratic behavior, and insomnia, meth can have a dramatic impact on our bodies with prolonged use. 
Whether you’re snorting, injecting, or smoking, you can expect a wide range of potential long-term side effects.
These can include your nostril tissues getting destroyed over prolonged use, lingering respiratory issues, significant unhealthy weight loss, and possible tooth decay. However, the differences between the sexes show how meth use affects men and women differently and in unexpected ways.

How Meth Affects Women

One of the biggest differences between the sexes is the age at which they first started using. Studies have shown that women tend to take the substance at an earlier age than most men. This early exposure may be a major contributor to why women appear to be more dependent on meth, while men will use other drugs if they can’t get their hands on some. Additionally, the mental side effects appear to differ across the sexes. 
Prolonged meth abuse appears to cause more bouts of depression in women than men. Women seem to have a significantly higher chance of comorbidity with depression and meth addiction than men. However, unlike men, there appear to be fewer reported emergency room deaths associated with meth overdose in women. 
Understanding how meth presents physically and psychologically in women as compared to men can help determine the best treatment options moving forward. But do the effects of meth on women significantly change how they go about their treatment? 

Are Women More Receptive to Substance Abuse Treatment?

Seeking treatment services for meth abuse often feels like an enormous challenge for people suffering from an addiction. They feel like they can’t move past their reliance on the substance and feel that they are alone in their struggle. However, studies show that women appear more receptive to treatment for meth addiction than men. Knowing this, loved ones can help offer the necessary support and help present resources to help the women in their life dealing with a meth addiction find a way out. 
Silver Pines Treatment Center offers meth addiction rehab programs in Mahanoy City, PA, to help women in need get onto the road to recovery. We work with our patients to understand their problems and help them treat the underlying reasons behind their substance abuse. If you or a loved one is currently struggling with meth addiction, you are not alone. Contact our team at 267.209.7313 today to learn more about our addiction treatment programs and admissions process.


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